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    It is different than pinning a topic to a category, it essentially puts an important message in a pinned message area so it is easy to find/reference it later. Check slack/discord for an example.

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    Hey there NodeBB team,

    The chat feature integrated into NodeBB is great. One feature which would improve usability and convenience a lot would be the ability to quickly edit your last sent message by pressing the arrow up key on your keyboard (while the cursor is focused in the text box below). The current workflow requires to leave your keyboard and do all this by mouse which is not the best UX for a chat solution / not that intuitive.

    This would make correcting all these mall typos everyone does way faster 😉

    What do you think? +1 || -1 ?



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    @helltux Pretty much whatever you might need, it should allow you to set an open board and allow anyone to post to it, or create groups of users (think friends list) whom can then have their own board and all that sort of stuff. Anythings possible really.

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    yup. every task I need several hours of thinking and preparation time. just warming up... will start coding in a reasonable time frame of 4-8 weeks

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    temporary fix:

    within websockets.js add the following code inside the if(uid) block (inside io.socket.connect):

    if(!global.socketlogin) global.socketlogin = {}; global.socketlogin[sessionID] = uid;

    then after an ajax call ( app.get ) in webserver.js for example,


    will show if the current user is logged in.