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    vijay kumavatV
    @phenomlab , Thank you for sharing , But when i am sharing this link on twitter or other social platform its not showing thumbnail as a Open graph image.
  • Stay tuned here to hear more about new releases and features of NodeBB!

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    This should be fixed in nodebb 3.7.0 and up, what version and theme are you running?
  • You have a cool idea about NodeBB? Post it here.

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    @Andrey unfortunately I believe user muting is a forum-wide action and not scoped to individual categories.
  • Discussion regarding NodeBB Plugin development.

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    test it soon good idea
  • A public listing of community themes created by the NodeBB community.
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    It looks like the discussion content in this topics has become outdated, so should I refer to the docs site directly instead? I want to customize the default home page and post detail page, which involves layout and style customization, so, am I correct to develop a new theme for this?
  • Need help with installing or configuring NodeBB? Look here.

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    Ahmadxon MoydinovA
    why this forum is not installed immediately try to install my own forum but it does not install

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