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    @serverplayer Whilst we're on the subject of beauty, I believe that Sudonix falls into that category with a number of customisations, such as

    Card view


    Per user swatches


    Custom pages



    Threaded posts



    Custom implementation of preview cards


    So much more... You can find most of these customisations on my Github.

    Link Preview Image phenomlab - Overview

    I am a network, security and infrastructure expert, Head of IT, and CISO for a financial institution with more than 33 years experience. - phenomlab


    GitHub (

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    @The-SkyFoxx nope, as federation was enabled for this forum, all users are automatically federating their content out (at least for the categories I've manually enabled federation on).

    That tells me I should probably do a write-up on how this all works currently, in NodeBB.

  • Discussion regarding NodeBB Plugin development.

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    Yeah I stopped maintaining that a while ago, it was a good exercise and an example of how to build a plugin but ultimately it’s redundant: markdown already has the capability to insert images.

    Open to PRs and / or a new maintainer!

  • A public listing of community themes created by the NodeBB community.
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    It looks like the discussion content in this topics has become outdated, so should I refer to the docs site directly instead?

    I want to customize the default home page and post detail page, which involves layout and style customization, so, am I correct to develop a new theme for this?

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    @baris Thank you for the quick fix! It works now.

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