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    @schajuli CloudFlare or other asset proxy?
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    The following categories are now federating: NodeBB Blog (@blog) — I'm not sure why I only just federated this one now, it makes so much sense to! Technical Support (@support) Developer FAQ (@developer-faq)
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    @Andrey yes, I understand and see the advantages, I simply state that to do so would require a refactoring of the user muting logic. It is not something that is insurmountable, but it is something that we cannot do easily at this time. I would invite you to add it to the issue tracker, although I cannot promise a timeline at this time.
  • Discussion regarding NodeBB Plugin development.

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    This plugin let's users ask questions to ChatGPT in their forum posts by mentioning the chatgpt user with @<chat_gpt_username>. The user is created by admins and their username is set in the ACP page. You can also allow users to send private messages to the chatgpt user. If the chat gpt user is added to a public room it can answer questions by mentioning like in topics. The model used can be changed in the ACP page. Get an API key from openai at and save it in the ACP page of the plugin and restart your forum. Dependencies This plugin requires nodebb-plugin-mentions to be installed and active. Installation npm install nodebb-plugin-openai Screenshots [image: screenshot1.png] [image: 1721853402171-9af0a2c5-3745-4fee-8f87-76979ad624da-image.png] [image: 1721853442969-2b21123d-f338-4985-9711-46c94cfc7c3d-image.png] More Info
  • A public listing of community themes created by the NodeBB community.
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    It looks like the discussion content in this topics has become outdated, so should I refer to the docs site directly instead? I want to customize the default home page and post detail page, which involves layout and style customization, so, am I correct to develop a new theme for this?
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    Another method is to use the MONITOR command, it will show what the redis server is doing.

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