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    as did the nodebb community

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    I successfully installed NodeBB using docker-compose.

    Everything seems to be working as expected, but when the nodebb container starts up, NodeBB starts running. However, when I connect to bash and check its status using the CLI, it shows that NodeBB is not running, even though it actually is.

    When I try to stop it, I can't. And when I try to start it using the CLI, even though I initially installed it with MongoDB, it gives an error related to postgres.

    Initially I've installed NodeBB with Postgres, then I removed the container and installed with Mongo.


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    The plugin work for you @baris @crazycells @Kirwan ?

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    Chad AugurC

    @baris TY. Despite having been a JS developer for more than 10years I had never published my own npm package. Now I have. TY.

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    FreeBSD your solution!

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