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    I am currently working on implementing a forum and chat feature in my Flutter application, leveraging NodeBB services. Specifically, I am looking for guidance on how to implement the chat functionality.

    I have started by creating a client to connect to the NodeBB server and listen for events, but I'm finding it challenging to manage the integration.

    Could anyone provide resources or code examples that could help me implement real-time chat functionality using NodeBB and in my Flutter application? Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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    I've also added FEP 1b12 announces for additional activities:

    Create Update Like Undo(Like) Delete

    Confirming that at least Discourse accepted the Announce(Like(Note)) and parsed it correctly.

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    Thanks @julian, I have seen the github plugin. This still requires manual code in Wordpress. Not a huge deal, but still not as built in in Wordpress as a normal plugin.

    This doesn't answer my question in regards to sharing of data. Is there any possibility to retrieve this data in Wordpress or vice versa?

    I don't want people to have two profile pages: one in WP and one in Nodebb. So I somehow need to be able to retrieve the data about topics, posts etc. That way I can easily built a one in all profile page within Wordpress which also allow users to do other stuff in WP.

  • Discussion regarding NodeBB Plugin development.

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    @baris Just found the root cause of the weird behaviour!

    Turns out that there is a bug in my NodeBB dev startup scripts. One of the steps involves automatically symlink plugin packages for a more seamless plugin development.

    The issue happens when the yarn link only happens after NodeBB build but before NodeBB start Thus there is this weird behaviour of the plugin is loaded but its public assets are not built 🫠

    Thank you for your pointers and help 🙏

  • A public listing of community themes created by the NodeBB community.
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    It looks like the discussion content in this topics has become outdated, so should I refer to the docs site directly instead?

    I want to customize the default home page and post detail page, which involves layout and style customization, so, am I correct to develop a new theme for this?

  • Need help with installing or configuring NodeBB? Look here.

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    @traarrr said in I'm having troubles while installing NodeBB:

    Looks like network problems to me

    Agree - from the looks of the screenshot, outbound internet access on port 443 is being blocked - or, you have a DNS issue.

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