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    @eeeee these are difference templates are sent in different ways. We've implemented the test to use the same infrastructure as when those emails are actually sent out. For instance, when you tell it to send a ban email, it actually goes to the banning code for sending an email out. Some of those cases don't report back an error, so we can't report it back to you. I think the "Test" template is one that reports errors correctly.

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    @julian @pitaj Iceshrimp classic shows the link as (and links to that) and assigns it "nofollow noopener". I think the page doesn't render unless you use JavaScript anyway so it shouldn't affect search rankings?

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    I am looking for a feature to handle moderation notes separately from user posts. Currently, admins/mods edit posts in their own way to include moderation messages, but I prefer a dedicated feature for this.


    Separate Moderation Section:

    A distinct section for moderation notes, appended but clearly separate from the user's content. Example: A box or highlighted area at the top or bottom of the post or in the signature

    Distinct Styling:

    Formatting options to make moderation notes stand out (different font, color, borders).

    Admin Tools:

    Easy access for moderators to add, edit, or remove notes via a simple interface.

    Possible benefits:

    Maintains original post integrity. Provides clear communication on moderation actions. Enhances user experience and transparency.

    Thank you for considering this request.

    Best regards

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    the skyfoxxT

    Some other interesting ones are:

    Lexical Playground

    Lexical Playground



    Link Preview Image Novel - Notion-style WYSIWYG editor with AI-powered autocompletions

    Novel is a Notion-style WYSIWYG editor with AI-powered autocompletions. Built with Tiptap, OpenAI, and Vercel AI SDK.



    But a plugin would need to be built

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    Chad AugurC

    @baris TY. Despite having been a JS developer for more than 10years I had never published my own npm package. Now I have. TY.

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    Richard KnocheR

    Thanks for the answer. I have another question: when updating from nodeBB version 1.6.1. to the latest, are there some data structure changes? If the database version is still compatible would I have to touch the database?

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