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NodeBB Developer AMA/Meet & Greet (Monday, June 16th, 2014)

It means you guys submit far too many bug reports :laughing:

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Voting (Part 3): Runner-up for Best Plugin

Is there going to be more contest? -_-

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Performance problem about the database design in NodeBB

I was a php + mysql programmer.

In mysql , if a single table is too large, the performance will be reduced.

I read the source code of the NodeBB recently,

I found that the objects collection in NodeBB almost store everything.

i wonder whether the problem in mysql will happen in mongodb too....

hope someone can help me~:smile:

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How to reduce the size of font in the post content?

@trevor said:


Let's see here...

You can go into the topic.less file in the lavender template. It should be located node_modules/nodebb-theme-lavender/less/topic.less.

Look for .post-content it should be in the following hierarchy: .topic .posts .post-content. Example below:

.topic { .posts { .post-content { //You can put whatever font-size here. } } }

Hope this helps!

On lavender theme this is .topic-text if it is not a change in css since then.

@baris for blockquote :
I made a try but it doesn't work. Any update on this or is it Lavender theme related ?

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hot to push notification post.reply after reply ?

hot to push notification post.reply after reply ?

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You used the wrong token, still. This is what the error message is trying to tell you.

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Posts from the NodeBB Development Blog
The philosophy behind our plugin ecosystem

We found it and everyone is jumping all over it :)

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You have a cool idea about NodeBB? Post it here.
Objects as Settings

@Schamper It's kinda sloppy right now, but I'll post it after I clean it up.

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Nav title not displayed correctly on safari

The navigation title is not displayed correctly when you enter a thread.
The title goes back to first title of that window, usually home or another topic
Happens here con

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Technical Support for NodeBB in Simplified and Traditional Chinese
Discussion regarding NodeBB Plugin development.
Apply styles to only certain pages

@pitaj said:

On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 8:57 PM, wrote:

Man, I gotta update Mandrill to get rid of that cruft.

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A public listing of community themes created by the NodeBB community.
[nodebb-theme-pewter] Pewter Theme

Not anytime soon, unfortunately. Our team has a ton of work on our plate, that said, I'd really love to be able to spend some time to get this back up and running.

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