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    Hah, didn't I call it when I said that the ride of LLMs and ChatGPT, et al. would mean that actual user-generated content would become all the more valuable? It seems Google is coming to that conclusion too.

    Nice catch and thanks for checking on this, will take a look.

    Edit: We currently use microdata to present our metadata, so that may need adjusting. Might be when we moved to Harmony that wasn't ported over.

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    @q16marvin I came across this plugin and installed it in my test forum. I'm overlooking where to find the read status results. I looked in topics existed prior to installing the plugin and newly created ones. I also checked if there was a widget I that needed to be added. Could you direct me to where I should be looking? Wondering if possibly the problem is the plugin is not compatible with v3.5.1.

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    We have all Popular Social authentication and have not APPLE,

    Wll be fine!

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    I've solved the problem adding a global footer text.

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    @baris another issue. after some rebuild & restart . the saas plugin disappeard..

    update: never mind, seems my plugin break the saas load. not issues now

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