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  • Moderation notes

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    I am looking for a feature to handle moderation notes separately from user posts. Currently, admins/mods edit posts in their own way to include moderation messages, but I prefer a dedicated feature for this.


    Separate Moderation Section:

    A distinct section for moderation notes, appended but clearly separate from the user's content. Example: A box or highlighted area at the top or bottom of the post or in the signature

    Distinct Styling:

    Formatting options to make moderation notes stand out (different font, color, borders).

    Admin Tools:

    Easy access for moderators to add, edit, or remove notes via a simple interface.

    Possible benefits:

    Maintains original post integrity. Provides clear communication on moderation actions. Enhances user experience and transparency.

    Thank you for considering this request.

    Best regards

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    Well this is very basic and my very first!! 😊
    this is not exactly based on reputation but a small change can do that
    Also the settings page does not work and is not exactly required. So I will remove it soon... (Well I am still learning)
    Peace Kyle Van Noy GIF

  • hyper-express

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    o              oO

    It's an optimization, an opportunity to handle more traffic on less hardware.

  • NodeBB and chanyns (in)cooperation?

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    Hello there,

    after some time i want to take a second attempt to start a successful forum.
    My idea was the following: A forum that allows for uncomplicated communication of ideas and allows users to sell their ideas to other foum users.

    I set up my page with the help of a friend: my forum

    I didnt take into account the problems to get the ball rolling; means I have no users

    Note that there is no payment method right now, it is prettmuch only a normal forum.

    Now to what i have planned to be the "second attempt" version:

    In the region where i want to start, there is a company called Tobit that developed a software named "chanys".
    One reason for me to use it is the adaption in my region, id guess atleast 70% of the people in a distance of 20 km have this app on their smartphone.
    It is also adapted further i think they have serveral million downloads of their app.
    It has imo also alot of features that will be helpful to my project for example:



    Note: the "cayns" project is also open source.

    "Cayns" offers also a website building tool to easily implement their features "chanys".
    My easy hack (that describes my lvl of programming skills) would be to do an iframe onto my forum ^^.
    I know thats really bad (and it doesnt work without changing settings).

    What are other ways to make a better MVP?
    Thank you!

  • Warning Points System!

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    you can find more info here:

    Link Preview Image mute function for users

    It would be nice to have mute function for angry users ... Facebook groups have this, whenever some problem happens (which does not necessarily require a ba...


    NodeBB Community (

  • Feature for Status Posting in User Profile

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    sameer aroraS

    No in this feature we wish to post comments / message to user profiles. everyone can do that. for example wishing a user happy birthday on there profile.

  • nodebb-plugin-sso-wechat-web NOT work

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    Is anyone using WeChat to scan and log in? The plugin seems to be malfunctioning. Does anyone have a solution? Thx.

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    My scene description:
    If I copy content from other web pages into the editor, it is usually a mixture of text and images on the web page, and I find that images cannot be uploaded, only text can be pasted. I need to upload pictures one by one, which is very troublesome.

    The help I need:
    How to automatically upload pasted images after pasting content into the editor? Thx.

  • Plug-ins i18n via Transifex

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    Some interesting feature requests can be found here:

    In short:

    proposal to move all language files to Transifex and allow translators to work on translating plug-ins (pre-installed/default/bundled plug-ins were mentioned), 123456 vs. 123 456 as common i18n problem not only for Korea and Japan, some other shortcomings from Korean user point of view. Link Preview Image Korean translation by NavyStack · Pull Request #93 · NodeBB/nodebb-plugin-2factor

    First and foremost, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the development of such an outstanding plugin. In my role as the coordinator for NodeBB's Korean and Japanese translations, I have strived to maintain consistency in wording with the primary translation project. At present, numerous default plugins of NodeBB come pre-installed. However, it appears that this applies not only to administrators but also to end-users. Therefore, it would be advantageous to enable the management of built-in plugin translations on Transifex as well. While I currently utilize NodeBB in production, there are instances where certain strings or plugins remain untranslatable, often exposing my users, who are not proficient in English, to such content. Hence, I would kindly request your consideration on this matter. Below, I have outlined several queries regarding the plugin, along with suggestions for enhancement: Some applications use a space character when presenting a 6-digit number. For instance, 123456 may appear as 123 456 when copied to the clipboard. Given the increasing prevalence of users utilizing this feature via a browser extension plugin, I believe enhancing the user experience by disregarding space characters and accepting numbers solely would be beneficial. There are instances where 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) needs to be input more than once due to specific circumstances. For instance, upon pasting it into a browser or application, users are prompted to re-enter their username and password, even if the values are accurate. This could be due to either rapid typing or previous input. Personally, I circumvent this inconvenience by pressing and holding the CTRL key while performing CTRL + V. (But... sometimes I face Username and Password form page.)However, this workaround may prove inconvenient for the average user. While acknowledging the inherent trade-off between security and convenience, I believe there is room for improvement in this regard, particularly concerning 2FA. Occasionally, upon entering my username, password, and 2FA code, I find myself logged in as a non-member pop-up. This issue warrants attention for resolution. Your attention to these matters would be greatly appreciated, and I am confident that addressing these concerns would significantly enhance the usability and functionality of the plugin. I am currently using NodeBB in a production environment. Hence, updating without translations results in English displaying as is, akin to a bleeding edge situation. I kindly request measures to improve this. You can verify my commit timestamps, which reflect my working pace. There's ample time to pre-translate adequately for any additions. Your cooperation in presenting translation sentences prior to adding new strings would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support.


    GitHub (

  • A shortcut to "All" my chats

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    I am continually frustrated that the "Chat" link in right sidebar shows me only latest chats, when I actually want the full chat interface page. An "all" link would fix this easily enough.!2024-04-05_11h13_07.png

  • Page control arrows for PWA

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    @phenomlab thank you very much, this works like a charm...

  • A new feature I'm not so keen on ...

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    the skyfoxxT

    @julian said in A new feature I'm not so keen on ...:

    a post has at least 1 direct reply unless that reply is directly after it in the thread.

    This logic makes sense after understanding it. Thanks! 🙏

  • Post Editing

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    Additionally, if the user reach us to delete their quoted posts another unique thing we do is that we change the ownership of the post... We have "bot accounts" in the forum, that no one owns them, and I created these accounts for this purpose...

    Because it is -almost always- about user not wanting to be associated with that post, not about giving out personal info... So, when I tell them that "I am changing the owner of the post and this post will not be associated with you again" they all have been OK with this solution...

  • User Modes - Starting with READ Mode

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    hi @omega , what do you think about the harmony theme and the "read mode" you mention? I believe it does a very good job when you are logged out, since naturally people scroll down while reading, not much button is visible while reading, and options only appears when you start scrolling up...


    and although I liked "read next post" mode, it has some crucial weaknesses... well, it is like reading a book, but first of all, you would not be able to read before switching the next page completely (but you can achieve this while scrolling down), and additionally sometimes posts are not filling the page, and they even can be a few words, in this case, putting the next post on the next page seems waste of good amount of space? what do you think?

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    I probably compose at least 400 post and chat messages a day on multiple platforms. Speed and simplicity of editing are very important to me.

  • Rethinking the Logic of Topic Popularity Ranking

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    @crazycells ah, not at all.. but...

    Man, that's cool. I think there's definitely a lot of utility in seeing popular uncategorized posts.

    I'll take a closer look.

    Edit: This is resolved now. Uncategorized topics should no longer appear in /popular unless that category is explicitly selected.

  • react-redux-nodebb, we are building it!

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    @data-dataninja said in react-redux-nodebb, we are building it!:

    We are building react-redux-nodebb

    this will enable react-dom & react-native with nodebb, which means we can build nodeBB into native apps & also use react ecosystem UI components

    steps we are taking:

    react-redux structure (state, api, hooks) converting controllers module bridge (to enable current ecosystem of plugins)

    then next up we will build:
    react-native-nodebb theme & skins

    Any help & suggestions are super welcome!

    This is quite an old post, but @data-dataninja have you given up on building the decoupled frontend?
    I am more interested in a NextJS or any Server Side rendered solution to get the SEO and other benefits of SSR.
    But a frontend in React-Redux would be a good start if you're working on it.

  • Tags for posts in addition to topics

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    I have just seen another person having the same issue...

    and it looks like he is seeing numbers when he searches tags, and he is right, the numbers can be seen when the tag is searched, but when clicked, it still returns error and says "there are no topics with this tag."...

    Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 20.48.27.png

    Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 20.48.39.png

  • displaying public chat rooms in the chat panel

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    It would indeed be helpful to make the public chat rooms more present. At the moment it's unfortunately a dead feature in our forum. Maybe we don't have the use case, but it's definitely too hidden. The current situation is that users have to go to the chat overview and, with luck, discover the chats by chance.

  • This topic is deleted!

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