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  • Reducing SPAM Posts, But Minimizing False Positives

    So, kind of a question about what others are doing. What plugins, settings, and procedures are people doing to reduce potential spam on their NodeBB communities? In the past, the spam rate for us was very low and not a big deal. Now we are under constant spamming and have to delete easily a dozen spam users per day. I know nothing will reduce it to zero, but there is some low hanging fruit that seems like we could discourage.

    For us, the big bulk of the spam is automatically created accounts, posting once, without any attempt to look legitimate with nothing but straight links or nearly so going to things totally unrelated to the community (often, plumbing or carpet cleaning services in a different country than the community is based in!) Very odd. Our site's URL is in Europe, our host is in NYC, and the spam always targets Dallas or India! So weird.

    Anyway, right now we aren't using any plugins to combat this. We just have moderators who nuke any blatant spam accounts instantly, and who delete spam posts when there is some potential of the person being "real". And we keep up, but there are so many created during the night (US time) that when people start posting in the morning, they tend to see the posts before the mods can eliminate them.

    I don't want to go overboard on spam filtering, but would like to make it more difficult for the obviously automated garbage to slow down or stop. The human-backed, or really complex stuff is going to just require humans to filter out for now. Is there a good Captcha option that people like? I'm assuming that "at registration" is where we want to stop people. I know we are talking about how to modify the "About Me" stuff to make that less attractive to spammers, too.

    What are others doing? What do you suggest? What hasn't worked? Thanks.

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  • RE: Emails end up in spam folder

    Email is email, so this has nothing to do with NodeBB specifically. So this answer is a pure "general IT" response...

    At the end of the day, it is impossible to control email going into someone's spam folder, what does and doesn't go into that folder is at their discretion. It's like asking "how can I guarantee that someone will read my letter that I mail to them?" You can't. Once you deliver the letter, you have to just hope that they will open it and read it, you can't force them.

    But there are many things that you can do to encourage email not being seen as spam. First, make sure you are using an enterprise email service. No amount of "good behaviour" from small time email services will get the delivery reliability of the big boys, and even those get marked as spam often.

    You can ask your users to whitelist you. But that's just asking them not to let you go to spam, it's up to them.

    Make sure you have proper SPF and DKIM records, and that your IP is not on any blacklists, and that you aren't sending any spam or anything that looks like spam from your system. Make sure your domain URL isn't blacklisted. Some incompetent shops check PTR records, too, which is total BS, but as some incompetent people do that, it can help to have a "proper as they incorrectly see it" PTR set for your email server, too.

    That's about all that you can do, all anyone can do. For any email, for any purpose.

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  • RE: Looking to create a simple voting application with a live audience

    @psizzles said in Looking to create a simple voting application with a live audience:

    Hi All,

    I am looking to create a voting app. for a live demo. The audience will have three choices to pick from a url from their phone.
    Only I will be able to see the overall results submitted. Would it be possible to get the ip addresses of the people who have voted? Is there a sample app. I can reuse?


    Inside of the forum?

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  • RE: How to Add rel="nofollow" to Links?

    @srinik said in How to Add rel="nofollow" to Links?:

    But, you know as per SEO one should use nofollow tag for unnecessary links.

    What's an unnecessary link? I think that the best approach is to eliminate unnecessary links, rather than linking and then trying to hurt their SEO after having utilized them as a reference.

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  • RE: How to Add rel="nofollow" to Links?

    @revir said in How to Add rel="nofollow" to Links?:

    If you want to promote something, you should use the widget to add html code to that page, or write a template. Like what I did for my website, see the footer of the page, there are a lot of outgoing links, the crawler can index those.

    Why link something that you don't want to promote? Seems like odd behaviour. Your are promoting it, but then get spiteful? I can understand some very specific moments that something might need to be linked quietly and there is no intent for people to visit the page. But by and large, if someone is promoting something, pretending that they are not is weird. If you truly don't want it to be promoted, just don't link it.

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  • RE: Who is using NodeBB?

    @0xA4B16 said in Who is using NodeBB?:


    Here my fintech start-up project which uses NodeBB as a website with a bit of Cloudflare redirect magic 😁

    Amondial Capital -


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  • RE: Who is using NodeBB?

    @Tpk said in Who is using NodeBB?:

    Some time ago we will migrate to NodeBB, forum boost performence.

    For sure. Pretty much nothing is as fast as NodeBB.

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