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    @Mukkamala-Akhil said in Please let us know whether NodeBB will be actively maintained as Enterprise Grade Community Software. ?:

    @scottalanmiller said in Please let us know whether NodeBB will be actively maintained as Enterprise Grade Community Software. ?:

    Not rude, just wondering why you were tagging me for input for plugin requests. I'm a pretty random person to have asked to respond about them.

    Cos, You replied to my previous thread. So I thought you'll be throwing some light about NodeBB.

    Sure, but your questions were about feature requests. Your original question was about when NodeBB would be enterprise maintained, and that was easy to answer... five years ago and continuously since then. It's absolutely enterprise ready now.

    Your next set of questions weren't really questions, but just mentions of features specific for you that you'd like someone to develop. There wasn't really a question to answer there, it's just a note that you'd like to see those features. Not much that I, as a long time user, can say about those.

    I can shed light on the usual paths... you can make a thread requesting them (one thread each or no one will notice), but unless they get loads of traction, there is no reason to assume that NodeBB will even consider that - that's not how the core system works. You can hope that others want them too and that someone third party makes a plugin for you to use, but if that is going to happen it is most likely to have already happened. You can offer a bounty on the plugins. Or you can hire either NodeBB themselves or a third party to make plugins. That's easy to do, but expensive.

    Other than that, I'm just an end user like you, but not one that wants those features so am glad that NodeBB is not focusing on them.

    The reason that no one responded to that particular post is because, if you read it, there isn't a question - nothing that would warrant a response. So I had read it, but it just seemed like you were mentioning a wish list. Which would make no sense for me to respond to since you weren't wishing it from me.

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    Very good points about Bluebird. Its performance numbers are surprising, and the utility it brings with Promise.promisifyAll makes it so easy to convert callback code to promises.

  • Add PHP API

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    <?php class nodebb { function category_add ($params='name=Default category name', $token='e9de6fb6-1234-5678-8bbc-b5073fd1edef'){ shell_exec('/usr/bin/curl -H "Authorization: Bearer '.$token.'" --data "'.$params.'" http://localhost:4567/forum/api/v1/categories'); } } $nodebb = new nodebb; $nodebb->category_add(); return false;

    Now it's much easier 🙂

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    Awesome, looking forward to that. Even more performance from the current architecture!! Love to see that. Although even now, the site screams.

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    Sweet, thanks.