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  • RE: Thumbnail broken after "Edit Post"

    Please open an issue on our github tracker.

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  • RE: Nodejs Version Managers

    In my experience there are few reasons to use a version manager, except for development reasons (i.e. testing on older versions of Node, etc.)

    In production, I am increasingly in favour of compartmentalization via containers (or currently, simply separate servers). They can each maintain their own version of Node via the OS package manager, and that's that.

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  • RE: Only some users have the issue: Connection to NodeBB has been lost, attempting to reconnect..

    Ah, that's very unfortunate!

    At this time, websockets are required for almost all of the write operations in NodeBB. That's due to change in v2, but that is a ways away yet.

    Is there no way those IT administrators can allow for websockets to be whitelisted?

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  • RE: Slice and Dice: bringing NodeBB back to Basics

    @gotwf It looks like AsciiDoc is something closer to a superset of Markdown, which can be more powerful in the right hands.

    I will put plainly that the reason why Markdown was chosen was due to its simplicity and ease of use. I considered it an adequate balance between that and its potential to be an expressive markup language.

    I will admit there are shortcomings, especially if you want to do some more esoteric formatting things like text alignment, colours, and so on, but that would be where AsciiDoc would shine, I think 😄

    Definitely worth supporting as the Markdown plugin itself is actually quite straightforward.

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  • RE: Host recommendations for NodeBB?

    @olivedev Why don't you try to install it yourself? I published a little guide that helps you do just that 😄

    This forum is a good way to get help if you find yourself stuck somewhere.

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  • RE: Reflections on the Digital Sabbath

    Thanks @gotwf, nice to hear my thoughts echoed back.

    I've been chasing this for some time now, with limited success. It all started when I went camping a couple hours north of Toronto, and didn't have any cell signal.

    To my surprise, I had the most relaxing vacation I'd had in many years, simply because I was no longer connected to my work, emails, any responsibilities whatsoever. It was so liberating to plan only as far ahead as "what should I eat tonight", and "what should I do right now" 😁

    Unfortunately, nowadays there is cell signal (or wifi) available everywhere, so it's much harder to achieve this organically

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  • Reflections on the Digital Sabbath

    What is the Digital Sabbath? The premise is simple: To go without digital media for a whole day as a form of rest. The challenge then, is to go without digital technology one day a week for three months. How did I do, and what did I learn? Perhaps this is something you might want to take advantage of in your own life.

    Just a heads up — today's blog post does not contain any technical write-ups or explanations, nor does it really related to NodeBB in any way, shape, or form. Journey onwards if you want to read my incoherent ramblings about technology &ndash or lack thereof.

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