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    It's not news to say 2020 has been... challenging. In Toronto, the home of NodeBB HQ, we've gone from a spring lockdown to a cautious summer reopening, to lockdown again — sigh. But the team has never stopped working, and have managed to squeeze out one last release before we thankfully turn over the calendar.

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    A bug in our validation logic made it possible to change the password of any user on a running NodeBB forum by sending a specially crafted call to the server.

    We have resolved this in the latest version of NodeBB, and the fix has already been rolled out as a patch on all of our hosted customers.

    For more information on the vulnerability as well as instructions on how to resolve this issue, please have a look here:

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  • What's New in v1.9.0

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    Excited to upgrade my forum to this new version.

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    The first commit to NodeBB was nearly four years ago, and in that time, many changes have been made to the core code itself, from feature additions and bug fixes, to bundling of must-have plugins for all installations.

    As with any code that matures, schema changes needed to be made over time to ensure that stored data was kept in an ideal manner, so as to reduce the use of anti-patterns such as god tables and XYZ. The second reason schema changes are made are due to revisions in the original implementation. Perhaps a design decision from before could have been done in a more efficient way, and that may need a migration of active data from one data type to another (e.g. a list to a sorted set).

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  • NodeBB v1.0.0

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    I strongly believe that you should mention some details about changes in features for both backend and front-end. Not everybody can go through github and track changes.

    Thanks for your hard work, BTW.