• RE: Help Needed on Markdown

    @oplik0 thanks a mil for this great input. 🙏 🙂

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  • Help Needed on Markdown

    Is there any method of adding a newline (line break) within a table?
    This Stack Overflow post suggests a few options, but none seem to work in these Vivaldi forums. Here's what I tried to no avail:

    • <br>
    • <br/>
    • \\
    • \n

    Here's a table showing how each of these options fail:

    header1<br>(units) header2<br/>(units) header3\(units) header4\n(units)
    data1 comment<br>data2 data3 data4
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  • RE: Slice and Dice: bringing NodeBB back to Basics

    @julian thanks a mil for your reply and these great input. 😊

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  • RE: Slice and Dice: bringing NodeBB back to Basics

    Thanks for sharing these insights and making nodeBB. It's a fantastic platform I use on a daily basis to exchange with our big community of users and volunteers. I understand the need to simplify things particularly when some feature you mention such as the chat modals end up being with so many troubles.

    The sounds are really useful particularly when multitasking which is often the case when chatting with someone. I'll miss them deeply.
    Any chance they can stay just for the chats incoming messages?
    If you would integrate with the system notifications, then we as users could simply enable sounds for push notifications on your system, couldn't we? 😀

    Taskbar is also something I'm using on daily basis. I'll miss it greatly. Any chance you keep it just when replying a topic and quickly need to hide it to go through the threads on a small screen? 😇

    From our side: feel free to remove best topics on profile page, it wasn't well received in our community.
    Same with suggested topics module, even though it's a great idea the content would show very old topics which is more harmful than helpful.

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  • RE: Use method from library.js in main.js ( static js file )

    I don't believe you can do that since what you're asking for is using server side code on the client. To do that, the entire stack would need to be available on the client and everything it does. Basically running NodeBB on the client.

    What you could do is set up your own socket and return the desired data that way.

    In your library.js file:

    const pluginSockets = require.main.require('./src/socket.io/plugins');
    // This will add to the sockets object used by NodeBB core
    pluginSockets.customFunc = ((socket, dataDoToFetch, done) => {
    	const response = 'This response is only a string but it can be whatever you want';
    	done(null, response);

    Then client side:

    socket.emit('plugins.customFunc', dataDoToFetch, (err, data) => {
    	if (err) console.log('My socket customFunc', err, data);
    	else console.log('Do stuff with this', data);

    I cannot guarantee that this will work out of the box since my setup involves a bit more complexity, but this is the basic idea. Give it a shot!

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  • Cached scripts

    Hi all!
    I've run into an issue that when I deploy a new version of my theme/plugin, most users don't get any changes done until they do a hard refresh. This only seems to affect the client side Javascript, so everything looks updated, but in reality functionality gets lost.

    Has anyone stumbled upon something similar? Is there a better way to release code?

    The background in this is that I have forked Persona and built upon it, so all changes to the platform is basically in the theme. Is there a way to make sure all clients receive all updates?


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  • Adding custom fields to edit.tpl

    Hi all!
    I was wondering if there's a simple way to add my custom fields (from the ns-custom-fields plugin) to the regular edit.tpl. I'm making a private forum aimed at professionals and would really love it if I could have everything in one place.

    What I'm currently looking to add is Company, Title and possible some more in the future.

    An idea I have is to just put them in the available form and then using the custom-fields "API" in the backend (on save) to store them separately.

    Any ideas are welcome.

    Sorry to tag you (@Nicolas, the creator) but I believe you can answer this question quite easily.


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  • RE: Referrer doesn't redirect?

    @baris Awesome, thanks a lot!

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  • RE: Referrer doesn't redirect?

    A related question. If I need to redirect the logged in user to their profile because I need them to fill in a field, how would I go about doing that?

    At the moment I catch the hook filter:middleware.render and do a res.redirect('/user/[username]/edit'). It works great on initial render, but when I try to click somewhere the main area just goes blank.

    I believe it has to do with the api call being made to re-render the page. I am not familiar enough with the inner workings to know why this is happening.

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  • RE: Referrer doesn't redirect?

    It receives the referrer but only after the first step, not after GDPR and ToS. I'm running version 1.12.1.

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