• So I kinda got interested in finding out why we use NodeBB. And instead of silently spamming @AOKP on Steam on why he is using NodeBB. I figured why not ask it in public. So guys, why are you using NodeBB as your site's forum?

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    Realtime CMS πŸ™‚

  • Simply because Meizu (one of china's top 10 phone manufacturers) and me had beef.
    It is a long story, the articles can be found on our site.

    Back then (May) Meizu had tried to drop our database in which they partially succeeded, however as I had a backup it wasn't such a big issue, but made me clear how vulnerable PHP and especially myBB was, even with a very strong protection. Additionally, the XML for the forum design was deleted and I hadn't a backup of it. So I decided to look after something else than myBB, something which will surpass everything what will ever come (at least for the next year), but is also stable and actively developed.

    Even though I thought NodeBB is some hipster crap (that says it carefully) I always wanted to try NodeJS at least once.
    So I setup NodeJS within a few minutes and pulled NodeBB onto my server and it went better than expected.
    Compared to PHP based forums I was able to understand the templates easily, just like the overall setup (a myBB one takes AT LEAST 2h). Within 1h I was able to transfer my database, import all users and have the site running again.

    First I missed the Tapatalk integration, however because the mobile interface is pretty neat I made a dedicated app for my forum.

    But that’s not everything, as I also reworked my backend completely also loading times reduced extremely. Allowing the site to operate worldwide at acceptable speeds and that without any CDN.

    And to be honest, I like to show off with it.
    Not only that we beated our multimillion enemy, we also moved to new markets and improved the UX heavily.

    Despite all this I also want to thank the NodeBB team for their hardwork, especially release 0.9 received good feedback in our community. At least once a day someone asks me which forum software we use.

  • @AOKP

    I like to show off with it.

    I clearly noticed πŸ˜‰

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    It will be short: NodeJS + Markdown

  • Community Rep

    Beacuse @psychobunny @julian and @baris are so gosh darn nice!

    So it follows the dev community is awesome as well, plus it's mobile-first and realtime

  • So, @psychobunny @baris @julian . why do you guys use NodeBB xD

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    Because I truly believe one day OpenFantasy will be completed. My first forum had ADR on it. I'd like to build an RPG community and I believe NodeBB will have what I need first in a modern script before the others. Also, the rest of the good ones are PHP and not really real time. (Discourse is bad because of resource usage). NodeBB is the obvious winner.

  • My interest in NodeBB came about after comparing ~6 projects that developed forum software. I found NodeBB:

    a ) looked the best
    b ) felt zippy and app-like when navigating around
    c ) had a friendly and enthusiastic community
    d ) was open sourced through GitHub

    If it wasn't for the geek in me wanting set up my own install, I'd have paid for it because it was the only forum software on the market that felt 2015. Almost everything else I tried felt 1999 (there were some 2004s).

  • Because XenForo and MyBB are ancient, NodeBB has more flexible options and is free (developers edition) open source too. πŸ˜„

  • GNU/Linux

    • Looks good

    • It's Node.js

    • Open Source

  • So, @psychobunny @baris @julian . why do you guys use NodeBB xD

    I know you were joking, but let me chime in anyways.

    As @HolyPhoenix mentioned, openfantasy!

    That bulletin board RPG for phpBB was something I've had a passion for over 10 years. It's something that takes that gamification concept to a whole new level. What I've built so far is just the core but there were hundreds of plugins, looking forward to porting them one day.

    I don't have the time while we get NodeBB to 1.0, but I do appreciate the confidence @HolyPhoenix has in me to finish it πŸ˜‰

  • Pretty simple list

    • Sexy base design
    • Easy to use Admin panel
    • Open Source
    • NodeJS
    • Real-time updates
  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Re: ACP

    We wanted a good compromise between:




    ... and there's always room for improvement πŸ˜„

  • A @julian says more than thousand words. So what thousand julians do?

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