How to 'bulk delete' users?

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  • I would like to delete spam accounts from my installation.

    Currently spam users get negative reputation points by other members, so it would be great if there is a possibility to delete all users with reputation < 0.

    It there any way to get this done?

  • @wellenreiter I wouldn't recommend straight up deleting users, but possible just suspending their rights until an admin has time to go over their posts.

    You can't do this without a plugin, but the plugin to do so could be written within a few hours IMO.

  • @pitaj Wasn't the option to (bulk)ban users already available in the admin panel by Control clicking on the users and selecting the ban option?

  • @Kowlin yeah, but he's taking about autobanning users

  • At some point this was part of core but we removed it as it caused annoyances on some communities. People were getting banned for posting unpopular opinions etc. It'd easily doable in a plugin.

  • Well, if you take the time to make a plugin for that, why not include a "mark for spam" function? That way it would be completely distinguishable. Could still be abused, though.

  • I'm not looking for a fully automated process, but a process that generates a list of spam users, where the admin can ban or delete these users with just one click.

    There are several ways to identify spam users.

    What I see is, that users register and either place a spam post directly or wait several days and then post spam.
    So in our forum a user with one post and negative reputation is a spammer with a 99.5% hit rate.

    I really would appreciate a plugin for that, or better a broader one, where based on user parameters different actions like 'ban' or 'delete' can be taken on admin' s decision. One admin could prefer 'ban' another one could prefer 'delete'.

    Also there could be different triggers for actions like 1 post and negative reputation
    registered long (= month or years) ago, but no post,....

    Unfortunately I'm pretty new to nodebb and not able to code a plugin myself.

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    Well i found a solution with the users query :

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