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  • Hi NodeBB people, you folks are awesome. I have a minor, not critical problem that I am asking for help with. I've made a new group called 'Officers'. There's two users in that group. One of those users's badge shows in the forums, the other users badge doesn't show.

    I did do some google searching for "nodebb badge not showing" and I found some pretty old posts, like 2+ years old. So I thought I'd open a new thread. Hope that's alright.

    NodeBB version: v1.12.0
    Node version: v10.15.3
    OS: Debian 9

    Details that may or may not matter:
    The user who's badge shows is not a member of administrators, the user who's badge does not show is also a member of administrators.

    Steps I've taken:
    Removed users and re-added them. Rebuilt & restarted forums. Refreshed browser. Deleted & recreated the group. No happiness from any of those.

    For the user whose badge doesn't show - no badge shows for him at all. I've got the forums setup so that administrator badges are not shown. But I do want to display officer badges.

    Please help? What to do? I have no idea.


  • Users select the badge that gets shown on their user profile page.

    Under "Edit Profile" -> "Group Title"

  • @PitaJ This solved it for me. Thank you.

  • How do we display 2 badges for a user like this forum does? Some "staff" users have 2 badges here.

    And I'll add my voice to the many people who have requested automatically displaying badges instead of users having to dig into their settings for it.

  • You can turn on multiple badges at /admin/settings/group

  • @baris said in Badges not showing:

    You can turn on multiple badges at /admin/settings/group

    oh nice, didn't even think about that as we've had badges for so long 🙂 Just turned it on for us, too.

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