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    @Bri It's a constant battle to not alienate plugin developers with changes to core. For the most part our changes have been minimal, at least within the past couple of months, though there was definitely a period where breaking changes were in almost every single version.

    We've wanted to re-instate the plugin contests for awhile now, although we've been quite busy with other work related to NodeBB as well 😄

    However, since 1.5.0 was launched, we're a little more free and a burden has been lifted off of us as we're no longer in a constant mode of keeping the prerelease branch up-to-date with the latest changes from master.

    My main concern over the past couple of minor versions was to build a system that was tolerant to plugins becoming out of date. The nbbpm.compatibility system is definitely reducing the issues we're seeing with outdated plugins, but at the cost of many more plugins marked out-of-date (and thus not showing up in NodeBB out of the box).

    It's an unfortunate trade-off, but I am not entirely sure what my next step would be here...

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    It might be too late, but piggybacking off of what @rbeer was trying to start, perhaps for a plugin to be accepted into the ecosystem, permissions should be given to some community group responsible for maintaining plugins that are in demand. That way, if some author goes AWOL, there won't be that single point of failure of a plugin breaking and / or not getting updated any more, that namespace effectively hijacked, and other bad things that generally happen to plugin ecosystems of nascent technologies.

    If that's too draconian, maybe there could be the concept of supported and unsupported plugins, where the supported ones are part of that community team?

    I'm sure you guys have thought of a lot of things like this...

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    tip, add the link to github page of the plugin

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    You mean this?


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    @Bri no he's talking about adding it on this page

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    I did, it's the last link on my original post: https://github.com/NodeBB-Community

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    @Bri no he was talking about adding the plugin links to the table in the OP

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    Nvm, I thought @exodo was replying to me specifically, not the thread.

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    Nice list 👍

  • hi,
    to me as new nodebb user, I have to say that those plugins are really the deal breaker. It feels really clumsy, almost never a good description, no screenshots, and sometimes they crash your nodebb instance.

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