digest, emails not sent

  • Swedes


    I am starting a new community with NodeBB

    I have configured Weekly digest by default.

    I have also configured the email plugin, so that it is sent via smtp.

    Email is working just fine, from settings test, and for invitation workflows.

    However, I noticed that the digest emails were not sent.

    I can see in the logs the following message:

    30/4 12:00:00 [148] - info: [user/jobs] Digest (week) scheduling completed. 17 email(s) sent.

    however, there is no trace of the emails, not even an attempt to connect to the smtp server.

    I did straight after a test with settings/email and email is working.

    What could be going on here?

    Is the digest functionality compatible with all email plugins? could that be problem?

    Any ideas?


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