Installing on ubuntu 14.04 - impossible?

  • I've ran through 2 or 3 guides for installing NodeBB on Ubuntu 14.04 with MongoDB, and am unable to install NodeBB and get it to run successfully. Is there a recent, up to date, reliable guide on how to install this software on Ubuntu 14.04?

    It seems that nodebb doesn't have its dependencies correctly set. Is there is a specific version of NodeBB that will actually install smoothly for 14.04?

    some errors:
    (runs, but throws errors)
    1 Error: Cannot find module 'colors'
    2 Error: Cannot find module '../build/Release/lwip_image'

    (cannot even run setup)
    Could not start: MODULE_NOT_FOUND

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    @keyes9 did you run npm install --production?

  • Yes. It doesn't seem to be installing all of the dependencies for both 0.8.x and 1.x.x. 0.8.x encounters run-time packages that are missing and 1.x.x can't even run the setup script. This could definitely be an NPM issue, but I was hoping to get an answer on which packages are 100% confirmed to work. The official documentation implies the latest of everything which seems to be making it impossible for me to install successfully.

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    some errors:
    (runs, but throws errors)

    Wait, what? why did you start with the 0.8.x branch?

    Delete the node_modules folder, switch to the v1.x.x branch, and try npm install --production again. Sometimes npm does some funny things so it's easier to just blow the whole thing away.

  • @Bri

    I tried both. I cannot run nodebb or run the setup with 1.x.x. I have installed for production. Is this more of an NPM question? I'm guessing it has to do with my nodejs/npm setup. Doesn't seem to be installing packages correctly for nodebb.

    :~/nodebb$ npm start
    node loader.js
    throw err;
    Error: Cannot find module 'nconf'

    It seems like my NPM install is failing silently; node_modules is empty each time I try. This has absolutely nothing to do with NodeBB. my apologies for wasting your time. Please close or delete.

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    I've seen something like this before when trying to install on a DO droplet that had 512KB of RAM. What are the specs of the machine you're installing on?

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    @Bri That´s correct. Nodebb need 1GB minimum. Try several times in a 512MB Droplet. Don´t work.

    Also, Just installed two days ago, follow this instructions (I made a manual and it works for me):


    curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
    sudo apt-get install -y git nodejs mongodb build-essential
    apt-get install git build-essential imagemagick
    git clone -b v1.x.x nodebb

    **Need some update before installation:

    PUG: npm install pug-cli -g
    node-fs-extra: npm install --save fs-extra
    Graceful: npm install graceful-fs-extra
    npm update minimatch
    npm -v minimatch
    npm install -g npm@3
    npm install -g minimatch@3.0.2
    npm -v minimatch

    Then configure Mongodb and run npm install

  • @Bri spot on. it's the bargain bin $5 droplet.

  • @Cygnus I will give this a try later, after employing common sense and reading the requirements. 1GB is reasonable. Ty

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    Nothing is impossible ;)

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    I run NodeBB just fine on 512Mb. To get NPM to install properly I had to setup a swap (not recommended on SSD I know) but it was able to get NPM to work. I'm highly surprised that NPM has issues with a 512 box with just the necessities running. But whatever. NodeBB runs just fine.

    I just recently migrated my NodeBB forum to Digital Ocean so its fresh in my mind. Runs better than on my 1G virpus I had. I also used Ubuntu 14.04 since I was having issues with migrating my MongoDB, but I eventually got that all upgraded so I'm on 16.04 Ubuntu now. The NodeBB my data was from was V1.1.0. So you could try that one.

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    @HolyPhoenix My test forum is on Digital Ocean, and they have SSD disks. Thanks for the info!

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