Protect whole site with login?

  • I would like to protect the whole NodeBB site requiring users to log in to see anything. Ideally I would like the starpage to be a login form (I think I know how to do that with a custom home page and html widget). I've removed guest access to all categories and also removed all navigation options for non logged in users. But routes like /recent are still accessible by just typing the address in the url bar...

  • Admin

    If you've removed find/access privileges for guests, then /recent shouldn't show anything. If it does, then it's showing topics from categories that guests have access to.

    Either way, you'll probably want to add a snippet in your custom HTML (or in a footer widget) to check for user session and redirect. This will work even on other routes like /recent.

  • Community Rep

    @osirisguitar Just go to Admin -> General -> Navigation, click on the Recent icon (the clock) and turn on "Only display to logged in users"

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @Bri I think he already did that. That just removes the icon from the header. His point is... users can still type the url in the address bar ( for recent route to access it.

  • Swedes

    You can make an ugly .htaccess file / Nginx conf! :) I guess that sucks :P

  • @Jenkler How would you make a .htaccess that knows if the user is logged in?

  • @julian Any examples of html code with scripting that does that? (or something else, I'm a developer but don't really know where to start looking).

  • Swedes

    .htaccess does not work that way! You are logged in until you close the browser.

  • Community Rep

    @pichalite I'm doing this exact thing on my forum, so I know it's possible to do without using a script or .htaccess file...

    I'm pretty sure if you've disabled guest access for all categories, even if navigating directly to /recent, an anonymous user would not be able to see it.

    EDIT: @osirisguitar did I misunderstand? was your intent to disallow guest viewing of /recent? or to redirect any protected endpoint?

  • @Bri No, you understood right. I just want to disable /recent (and basically everything else except /) for anonymous users. And I've disabled guest access to both navigation and all categories (but you can still access it as anonymous)

  • Community Rep

    So something like this, right?


  • ive done something like this, change the links in navigation to require to be logged in. only link i have on my main forum, is the login link, everythign else is taken away

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