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  • Login problem 2.0.1

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    @murcs You can simply take the file from there and overwrite in your own install.

    For example, if you locate the plugin itself in your folder structure, then open library.js and change

    const utils = require.main.require('./public/src/utils');


    const utils = require.main.require('./src/utils');

    And rebuild, this should then work.

  • Unable to login

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    Minifier is showing that it can't find some of the files. Make sure all of the dependencies are installed correctly (npm i --production)... perhaps try nuking node_modules/ and trying again?

  • login problem

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    What I mean is -- we cannot fix issues if we cannot trigger them ourselves. We need a consistent set of reproduction steps (e.g. "go to this page, log in, press enter, navigate to this page, post.") in order to confirm that this is a bug and develop a fix. Otherwise if we cannot reproduce it, then it may be a configuration problem with your install, and we cannot fix that for you.

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    @Nisthar said:

    @a_5mith said:

    @Nisthar said:

    some of my users are complaining that theme is not very user friendly.

    And they recommended that as a better alternative? That black on blue combination is something else.

    My recommendation would be to role with Lavender, then adjust the theme to match the dark theme you're going for. I had a lightbulb in my header that switched between dark and light on my old theme. Will do it for persona at some point. But I'm in no rush.

    I think lavender theme does not support custom skins like persona.

    Not as well, but the bootstrap custom skins are a bit flaky anyway. IMO obviously. If you want a theme you're happy with. You'll have to roll your own or get the nodebb guys to quote you for the work. There isn't a one size fits all theme unfortunately unless you know how to write CSS.

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    In case anyone else has this problem, here's where I found what I needed.

    File: /nodebb/src/controllers/helpers.js
    Methods: buildCategoryBreadcrumbs and buildBreadcrumbs

    Editing those allowed me to get the behavior I was looking for. Although, I would be curious to know if there is a better way to do this without changing the source code.