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  • Hi guys!
    I am facing a problem that I am not sure where it go wrong. I have created a forum website hosting on Heroku and the db is redistogo. I have upgrade my Heroku to Hobby tier and redistogo to mini($9/m).
    The website works well and everything is good. However whenever the website idle(no incoming traffic) for an unknown hours of time (maybe 5-7 hours). When I open up the webpage, I would loss all my category icon image and website logo. I would then need to manually upload it again. Here is what it look like
    Heroku setting:

    I am not sure what went wrong and I already double check that I am not using the free tier dyno. For now I disallow user to upload profile image and post image fearing that they might lose their image too. If anyone has experience this before or has any suggestion please let me know :)


  • @linan2332 do you use the Imgur upload?

  • Hi AOKP, I believe i am not using Imgur upload. All the category icon and site logo are locally stored in my PC and I just upload the image using the Admin tool.

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    Hmm, doesn't Heroku hibernate there packages if I'm correct? Maby it has something to do with this issue,

  • What do u mean by hibernate the package? I can definitely write an email to heroku support. Where does nodeBB store the image?( it is really weird the background image is not affected by this)

  • After trying all sort of things, It turns out after I turn off the traffic management option in admin tool, the image stop dropping. Is there any side effect in turning traffic management off?

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    @linan2332 It won't manage your traffic...

    Don't actually know what that means though. Ask heroku if it's their admin panel you made the change in. :) You're paying enough per month for their support.

  • @a_5mith I am referring to the traffic management option within nodeBB (admin->settings->advanced->traffic management enable). Do you know any negative impact disabling that option?

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    @linan2332 Heroku spins up and down dynos using what is called an "ephemeral file system". This means that the codebase is regenerated every time it is spun up, meaning the public/uploads directory, where you are uploading your assets, is being reset.

    You will need to upload your images to a CDN or some other hoster, and then paste those links in the config instead of uploading directly to your Heroku.

    If you have the imgur plugin, post uploads will be ok as they are sent to Imgur.

  • Thanks for your reply @julian ! What you said does make sense, I will install the Imgur plugin and try it.

  • @julian is there anyway I can use the category icon and site logo with Imgur? The post image is good now but I still lose the category icon and site logo since they only accept locally upload images.

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    @linan2332 after you install and activate imgur plugin, site logo and category image upload also uploads to imgur.

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