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  • I have installed a Wordpress site on DigitalOcean using their one-click install, and have a few basic questions, all likely very dumb:

    • Into which folder should I place the nodebb files? Home/username folder? Var/www folder? Does it even matter?

    • Does it matter from which folder I am working when I'm copying the install commands listed in the nodebb installation tutorials?

    • I plan on purchasing a subdomain called 'forum' ( How will I separate the Wordpress site from the forum when visitors go to one or the other?

    • I have installed other forums before, but am really struggling with nodebb. Are there any professional services out there (preferably within this community) that could perform this service for me for a fee if I find it's just too hard for me to figure out?

  • @ron_jeremy Hi, as you have noticed NodeBB isn't your regular PHP forum, and installation can be a bit tricky at first if you have never worked with Node.JS applications before,

    • Installing NodeBB isnt recommended from /var/www/ since its an whole other port by default. Its the best to run NodeBB from a folder thats easy to access by SSH as example: /home/username/nodebb or ~/nodebb (when logged in as the user)
    • following this tutorial from the official docs, you only need to go into the NodeBB folder when doing npm install --production and onwards.
    • Once you have aquired a domain, you can setup a CNAME in your DNS manager. (A example with my domain is shown below.) With this CNAME you can make a reverse proxy in the apache config. DigitalOcean tutorial
    • You can always look into a hosted NodeBB service from NodeBB them selfs ;), else the NodeBB community can help you out.

    Hope this helps.

  • @Kowlin Thank you very much for your help -- I appreciate it very much.

    I would LOVE to use the nodebb self hosted solution, but we are a non-profit off-road motorcycle club and do not have the money for that. We have fundraisers every year in order to buy equipment required to maintain our trail system, and paying $1200/year for a forum would simply put us in the red.

    I could've easily setup a BBPress or similar forum for us but I just love this forum software and know I'd regret using something else.

    I will use your input and continue plugging away.

  • @ron_jeremy Feel free to send me a chat if you need help 😉

  • If you guys are really non-profit then there's a hosting option that's $20 a month

    ... Although it's hard to put a price on the satisfaction putting it up yourself, but I'm a nerd 🙂

  • @Kowlin thank you very much for that. The community here is a big reason why I walked away from Discourse.

  • @BDHarrington7 Yes, we are a registered (non-profit) society with the Province of British Columbia. I just assumed nodeBB was not yet offering the $20 non-profit plan because the link on the site's main page does not work. I will have to look into that, but you are right about the satisfaction of doing it myself!

  • @ron_jeremy We do offer the non-profit plan (at the $20/mo price point), although support is not included with that plan, and is billed hourly.

    We'd need any non-profit documentation you can obtain (either provincial or federal) in order to verify eligibility 🙂

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