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    Recently, the team at IFramely reached out to us and express their interest in getting an IFramely plugin made, and in return, they authorised a special, completely free domain for use in all* NodeBB forums!

    Here's how it looks :smile:


    We'll be working with the IFramely team to deliver a seamless url unfurling experience for NodeBBs, hoping to eventually bundle it with core.

    * Note: If you are using NodeBB in a commercial environment, your use of IFramely may not be as clear cut. Feel free to contact them for more details!

    Version History

    • v0.5.0
      • Initial Release
    • v0.5.1
      • Support for API Keys
    • v0.5.2
      • Better url handling, url blacklist
      • Links back to the forum (internal links, etc) are no longer unfurled

  • For people running commercial applications of NodeBB will the iFramely integration be a feature toggle/plugin?

  • Admin

    IFramely has their own pricing, and they give you an API key for that. You can put the key in the plugin settings and it will use that instead of the free API.

    Whether a given installation is allowed to use the free API is something you should ask them

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    I see that IFramely has a open source version as self hosted option, would it be possible to include that in the plugin?

  • Global Moderator

    @Kowlin I'm sure it would be possible, but I doubt it would be a good idea. It sounds to me like it's meant to be run as a separate process / server.

  • Global Moderator

    Does it lazyload iFrames to speed initial page load times. :)

  • Translator

    @pitaj There will always people who are forced (by law as example) or willing to go the self hosted route, it just seems like a good idea to include that option ;)

  • Global Moderator

    @Kowlin Right, make the plugin able to connect to a self-hosted API, but don't include the self-hosted API in the plugin.

  • Translator

    @pitaj Correct.

  • Thank you! It's very useful to be able to insert a lot of things.

    Sometimes I miss to be able to use it as we do for images: ![](http://www.somevideo.com) gots embed and www.somevideo.com is just a link.

    Because sometimes you feel that if you embed so many things in one post, the people who browser from the mobile or old computer aren't going to be able to see it properly.

  • Global Moderator

    @a_5mith said:

    Does it lazyload iFrames to speed initial page load times. :)

    Ill go ahead and assume not then. :)

  • Hello,

    A simple question:
    does a configuration page exist for the plugin?

    I disable all the possible plugins in conflit like nodebb-embed-videos or nodebb-plugin-soundcloud then i have activate this plugin... And i was surprised, i don't find a way to configure the api or the domain to use. Moreover, i don't see any new button in the post editor?

    I have trying to install iframely on my own. It seems to work but it unfortunately shut down when i quit the terminal for now. I'm beginning with nginx and node.js, and i don't understand why nodebb is remaning alive therefore iframetly seems to shut down.

    It could be a really good addition because all the embed plugins don't work all well.

    Thank you in advance for the help.

  • Admin

    @j.b.-o. Yes, the plugin does come with a configuration page. Looks like some other issue is causing your NodeBB to not function properly...

  • @julian after remove some plugin, reinstall and restart the forum, i get the configuration page.

    I configure my api adress (http://iframely.custom.com/iframely) and try to test it in the post editor when the api is alive:
    http://iframely.custom.com/iframely?url=https://soundcloud.com/tontondavidmusic/medley-oct-2014 > it works

    So i add directly in a post the url like that:
    [texte du lien](https://soundcloud.com/jackedradio/afrojack-presents-jacked-radio-week-23)

    Nothing append. Have i missed something?
    Could it be useful to have a button in the editor?


  • @j.b.-o. Same here.
    My BB version is 9.3. This is the problem? @julian

  • Admin

    I believe this is how the plugin works... by processing naked links, and not ones in Markdown syntax. The IFramely team takes care of the plugin now, I'd advise opening an issue there.

  • Global Moderator

    @j.b.-o. said:

    Nothing append. Have i missed something?
    Could it be useful to have a button in the editor?


    This would be wanted behaviour. You've specified link text. So this takes precedence over the embed.

    The embed should be fired from just a link. And not full markdown.

  • @a_5mith i have tried the both, i think.

    I check and i notice my config option are not saved.
    I can fill the address, http://iframely.custom.com/iframely or http://iframely.custom.com (i'm not sure) for example. I save the page. I reload nodebb, the page, clean the cache. My config is still saved.
    But when i came back a day later, in another session, the page is still empty.

    Could it be a problem wth the plugin install?
    Or nodebb?

    [edit] i confirm the config is not save. I don't have the notification. how can i check the database to verify if the configuration was solved?

  • Hello,

    The plugin was updated. The problem seems to be solved.
    Meanwhile, the configuration page change a little.

    I have to clarify some configuration but it is a big step, thank you very much for the update.


  • Hi,
    I made a issue on a github related with my plugin ( nodebb-plugin-magicblock )


    And also, I implemented what I suggested by my self.

    It seems that the iframely plugin doesn't have high priority to a developement team, I'm fully understand that can be.
    I just worried if issues of iframely plugin are just out of eyes by chance, and make a post here to press the team :)

    Could any developement member look at this?

    Additionally, there is another important and urgent ( than mine ) issue.

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