Save files in upload for user

Feature Requests
  • when a post is saved.
    I would like to assign the user uploaded files.
    the user profile is an outline of all uploaded files should be.

    in the profile area should as audio files uploaded to a user are listed.

    that would go well with pictures or videos.

    where is the post saved?
    can I create a new database without any problems?

    userID, categorieID is for.

    it would have to save the contents happen because only the ID of the content would be there.

    the database has the following columns

    fileURL, type, userID, ContentID, CategireID

    so it would be any user, or categorie assignable.

    where is the content stored?

  • I thought this would be a good idea as well, but some thought might be needed around how uploads are handled.

    there's a hook for when a user uploads files, so maybe this could be made as a plugin?

  • @BDHarrington7 Correct. At current, we do not associate uploaded files with a particular user, although there should be plugin hooks in place that will allow third-party plugins to maintain this association (for expiry purposes, etc).

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