I'm baaaack

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  • Hey all, I'm back. What have I missed?

  • @Tanner Hello, here all your friends.

  • Waddup Sister. 👭

  • @Tanner Literally nothing. The platform has not changed at all. They jut keep bumping the release number to make it look like stuff's happening. Apparently it's all a front for tax purposes.

  • @drew Really? Not sure if sarcasm... 🙂

    I had been afk for about the same amount of time and there've been a lot of improvements, notably in the ACP (though I don't know exactly when the analytics part got released)

    .. And your Redactor composer contribution?

  • @BDHarrington7 Well, it depends on how you look at it. In the end the changes are still for tax purposes 😛

  • I'd also assume for tax purposes only. I'd do the same if I were in their shoes right about now.

    But anyways, I'm coming back to work on my beloved themes and create some more. I'm in the mood to update some dusty repos so I'm going to be making all (read: only three) of my themes compatible with the most recent release (whatever that may be). Tron, Flip and Classic will be updated soonish(tm).

    The more collaboration I have the faster/better/moar'mazing these themes will be so if anyone is down to grab a beer and talk on TeamSpeak or Skype (does NBB have a group video chat plugin yet?) sometime tomorrow (Saturday) and work on these themes with me I'd be more than happy to share in the work.

    On another note entirely, I'm working on my own project that I'd like to gauge if there would be any interest in participating. It's a Laravel-based responsive/cross-platform app that has to do with real estate and we're currently looking for experienced programmers and database architects to join us in our little venture. Experience should consist heavily of PHP as well as JS; the commitment for the project is 4-5 hours per week and will last, as long as you're interested in staying on the project, for at least six months. Send me a message over NBB and we can Skype to talk about it more. Reparations will be discussed only via Skype and after I've seen your resume/portfolio.

    But I digress, the other reason I came back is because I'm starting up a website for a gaming community here in Toronto and plan on using NodeBB as the main software. If anyone plays Magic: The Gathering, you might also be interested in this concept as well, as there's possibilities to expand to other cities down the road (we're focusing more on Canada at the moment).

    So for this new website I'm thinking of even writing a pseudo-blog while I experience the process of installation, configuration, and customization in its entirety in one go over the course of two days just for kicks. I think it would be interesting, seeing as how every single one of my NBB installations have had their own quirks and surprises. Might also be beneficial to have an alternate installation guide other than the official docs as well. Hey, maybe it could turn into a series of blog posts over time as new versions come out and I have to upgrade or post about other such things.

    Anyways, it's good to see (some) of you again. Don't know the rest of you. Hai. o/

  • Welcome back @Tanner 😄

    Let us know how you get on with the theme upgrades and the new NodeBB.

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