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  • No. A composer that works!!!! Not the crap that nodebb calls a redactor. It's the crappiest shit ever. Even the most simplistic forumsoftware like the far more inferior Buddypress or BBpress has a way and far better redactor/composer. NodeBB should be ashamed to have this shitty redactor with no options in the software. Where everything is about content or sharing content etc.........the redactor should be the top notch element in the discussion!!

  • @BDHarrington7 said:

    Also, are we arguing about syntax, or formatting capability?

    NO.......just a complete redactor any ass/dummie/nono/beginner can use with all the options possible.....where you can upload pictures and visuals from your pc instead of stupid url's, where you can justify text and make text smaller and bigger and add another font....etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc. A REDACTOR That is top notch as you were writing a book on your tinymce which is used by millions and millions of users worldwide.....MILLIONS!!

  • Sorry what?! This issue has already been addressed with a plugin. I really cant see how your rant makes this any difference... Markdown for this forum is fine... Since most people here have a understanding of this sort of syntax. For forums that don't that sort of understanding... Thats all fine but let me throw this into the conversation. This WYSIWYG editor is literally the answer to your whole rant...

  • Ok. And why don't i have this?

  • @Blue-Orange said:

    NO.......just a complete redactor any ass/dummie/nono/beginner can use with all the options...

    I get your frustration, but yelling at people to build your niche idea of what a perfect composer is isn't going to get you anywhere.

    Quite frankly, you're asking for the world here. There's really no such thing as a "composer that has all the options that any user can use". You're basically asking for Microsoft Word as a composer, which, I'll remind you, also comes with a learning curve (a tiny percentage of users actually knows HOW to use all those features). It doesn't work, and even the ones that come close like tinyMCE have their own problems, even with the thousands of man-hours of work on it.

    If you can't get you want here (which is free, by the way), contract it out or build your idea of a perfect composer yourself, instead of yelling at everyone for being an idiot and not creating your idea of a perfect composer.

  • In principle it's great, some clunker parts of it let it down somewhat

  • Well, my opinion is that Nodebb is an excellent forum, but suffers from some basic flaws. If you use the default, with very few (limited) features, then OK. As soon as you want something more, you realize that Nodebb is not the solution. Also, markdown is simply not for forums (as stated in posts above). Formatting text for the forum software requires more than markdown offers (it is a system for simple text formatting, not for forums).
    The main disadvantage is that it is very difficult to itegrate user sessions and integrate application with other applications. Also, bugs that which occur after installing some simple plugin show that the forum is not modular (bad plugin system). And third disadvantage is database (no suppot for MySQL for example for large amounts of data).

  • @castbound to come back on the no MySQL point. MongoDB is easly the answer. Mongodb is build from the ground up to support large databases. In fact, MySQL is ancient when compared to MongoDB

  • nodebb situation is kind of difficult i think, don't want to be rude is just my opinion and i know dev doing very good job
    about plugins, 3rd party developers been getting bored of updating his plugins on each version on the beginning with that many breaking changes before 0.7 and nowadays only a few are active.
    about 80% of the plugins are broken or abandoned, even some of the main plugins

    also is difficult to get PR accepted, sometimes will stay there waiting until some core break change conflict the PR , is ok to reject a PR if is shit but not nice to stay in limbo forever, some examples that i recent visited

    about the other replies, Nodebb is very good forum software but is lacking a good composer , maybe redactor is the solution but i don't see the community is putting a lot of effort into it after a few months.
    also is not about markdown ( i actually like md) but the communication between user and composer is bad, if you are running on 3g or your connection have a delay, the composer won't open and you will have to reload page, thats frustrating for users, happens to me absolutely everyday even with 300MB connection.
    i won't talk about long polling because nodebb never worked fine through it. another big improvement to think about it.

    i hope version 1.0 changes the situation and nodes keeps improving on the right way cause it absolutely amazing software to scale and easy to build plugins but community needs to grow to get main functions always running

  • @exodo composer #5 is a bad PR, as I pointed out in the PR itself. I know what you mean though, it's annoying waiting weeks for PRs to be merged. However, it also takes time to test PRs before merging.

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