[nodebb-plugin-rss] RSS Feed plugin

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    This NodeBB plugin uses the Google Feed API to pull RSS feeds and create topics in predefined categories.

    To customise options for the parser, please consult the "RSS" page in the administration panel, under the "Plugins" heading.


    npm install nodebb-plugin-rss


    1. Click 'Add Feed'
    2. Enter the RSS feed you want to pull
    3. Select the category you want to post to
    4. Enter tags if you want to tag the posted topics
    5. Type in the username you want to post as
    6. Select the interval to query the RSS feed
    7. Select the timestamp to use for the topic
    8. Click Save.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Damn! Superb work. Does this work with 0.2.0?
    I'll test this out tonight...

  • Admin

    Yes it does work with 0.2.0, should work with previous versions too.

  • Admin

    I've warned @baris about the hazards of parsing RSS feeds, but of course, caveat emptor. Broken RSS feeds will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

    If a feed isn't being pulled in correctly, please let us know here!

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Depends on the source. Right?

  • Admin

    Yep. Some feeds break standard and can't always be parsed correctly

  • Just want to make sure I've done this correctly because not working so far.
    I pasted this "http://www.reign-of-chaos.co.uk/index.php?forums/general-discussion.16/index.rss" into the feed url then set the other options as required but nothing gets posted into the relevant cat, so what did I break this time??

  • Admin

    Just tested on my environment with your feed url and it worked :


    After enabling the plugin I restarted my nodebb. I used the exact url you posted and set the user to myself. Used an interval of 1 minute.

  • umm thats what I did, set it to 1 min but nothing v strange.

  • I have put the user as anonymous and restarted and done test posts on feed forum but still nothing do you think its a issue from the feed forum?

  • it would appear you need to use a proper member name also it dose not show in new posts icon so nobody knows there are new posts from the rss feed.

  • Admin

    Yeah it has to be a registered member name, I will take a look why it doesn't show in unread messages.

  • @baris said:

    Yeah it has to be a registered member name, I will take a look why it doesn't show in unread messages.

    Defiantly not registering the feed posts, had 7 post come through but nonew posts showing.

  • Admin

    Well the posts right now won't show up under /unread for the person who is posting the feed. So if you put your own username in the plugin it will post as you and you won't get it under /unread. Other users should see it there though.

  • It's very nice plugin.

    Some article did not link back to original post but some did.

    I tested on Thai Language RSS

    Tested on Lao Language RSS

    I put 3 news sources into same Category

    Oh btw, if we have prefix on each news, it might be helpful for our readers to identify the news sources.


  • Admin

    @amerilao nice, a Thai forum! any chance you'd be translating a language pack for Thai / Laos? :)

  • Hi there, after upgrading to 0.3.0, it seems like

    Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 12.28.39 am.png

    The category field cannot be selected.

  • Admin

    Works for me on latest. Did you clear cache? Any errors in the browser console?

  • Screenshot_2014-01-25-09-10-28.png

    Tried on mobile firefox

    Will check the browser error later

  • @baris I just tried with chrome, it did not show any error, i simply have no choice when it come to the selection.

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