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    Also, I added a link to it in the nav bar as well

  • NodeBB Core typings

    NodeBB Development
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    I don't think this is realistic until core switches to typescript.

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    There's one more breaking change that I did not find documented anywhere.
    For our theme we had to change:

    var templates = require('templates.js'); templates.registerHelper('generateCategoryBorder', helpers.generateCategoryBorder);


    var Benchpress = require('benchpressjs'); Benchpress.registerHelper('generateCategoryBorder', helpers.generateCategoryBorder);

    Not a big deal but some folks might struggle to see why their template helpers don't work on server side.

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    I use nginx as a static file server just as the wiki illustrates. And I added a log to monitor what kind of requests goes to NodeBB server.

    location ~ ^/(images|sounds|templates|uploads|vendor|src\/modules|nodebb\.min\.js|stylesheet\.css|admin\.css) { root /path/to/nodebb/public/; try_files $uri $uri/ @nodebb; } location / { access_log /var/log/nginx/access3.log; proxy_pass http://io_nodesss; }

    I found that some of requests of the static files are still going to NodeBB:

    "GET /src/modules/composer/preview.js?d7bd0222-d024-4aba-869d-0b088e7d5ba1 HTTP/1.1" 200 772 "GET /src/modules/composer/uploads.js?d7bd0222-d024-4aba-869d-0b088e7d5ba1 HTTP/1.1" 200 2539 "GET /src/modules/composer/drafts.js?d7bd0222-d024-4aba-869d-0b088e7d5ba1 HTTP/1.1" 200 492

    And I checked that those files are not in ./src/modules, they are at ./node_modules/xxxx/static/ instead.

    Is there any solution to this? Don't tell me that I should copy those files to /src/modules/ manually.

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    I'm finished! The pull request is at

    If in case NodeBB didn't merge my pull request. 😉