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    I appreciate the changes made to the mobile theme. Much more useful now. I have one more suggestion to the team.

    When any topic is updated on mobile, the notification section at the top causes a slide. Maybe it would be a good idea to get this to the bottom part.


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    @omega said in automatic temporary ban of a troll user with minus X votes:

    @gotwf said in automatic temporary ban of a troll user with minus X votes:

    First off: Lot of good discourse in this thread. Lame pun intended. 😜

    @omega said in automatic temporary ban of a troll user with minus X votes:


    Disagree w/above though. Too much added complexity. KISS.

    Tough crowd, always with the tomatoes... try this one:

    Let the Mods be Mods, let the Users be Users and Admins be King & Queen, forum developers could be Heros!

    Granted it's more BOWIE than KISS but you get the point right? 😉

    Oooh, la, la!!! Good one. Yeah, I'll take Bowie. Had the good fortune to see Bowie live way back in the day. Spectacular showman. Indeed. Followed Stevie Nicks. But I digress....

    Maybe you missed that I got your point. At least w.r.t. the root causes of the issue. My point is that AI is not the solution for all things because AI, by its very nature, lends itself to becoming gamified and one consequently finds themselves in a never ending bot arms race.

    A community needs to behave like an actual community and help the good guys do their jobs policing the bad guys. We need the human factor because we need the human touch and human oversight. And hopefully some human hard won wisdom as well.

    The larger the community the more mods, etc. required. We all get that many lurk, fewer post, fewer yet are active contributors..... But hopefully.... on a prayer and one wing... good mods and helpers emerge. And it seems they will, in my experience, but it takes time - needs to develop organically and no real short cuts.

    In the meanwhile... are we able to make a knob that actually works for that? With us rather than against us? Tough cookie, for sure. 🤔

    Oh and can we have a better grammar-typo bots for my posts... 😞

    No. 👑

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    Is there a way to only see the posts by one user in a topic?
    (I did a cursory search of plugins but couldn't find one either).


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    I Also would like a possibility to sort by reputation and a forward/reverse sort selection.

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    Like that except in a widget, just like you have "active users" widget for each category.

    Useful mainly for gaming and such, so you can list different teams on your homepage.

    I also found a bug in the current version, you hover over a user in a widget. it pops up "Chas", you then navigate to any other page and go back. The Hover/popup of the user stops working. //lavender theme