• Swedes

    I have tried nodebb, about a month ago but its still to buggy for me 🙂 I relly need a stable forum engine.

    My plan is to migrate all my forum projekt, 5 forums 🙂 Keep up the good work

    Check out my forums at Under My projects section on my page.

  • @j3nkl3r I think once it's stable enough, nodebb and nodebb CMS would work well for your sites. I'm guessing it's still a long way off.

  • @j3nkl3r What exactly is buggy for you? It would help if you submitted bug reports to improve NodeBB and reach that level of stability you're looking for.

  • I have been actively testing NodeBB for a few weeks now and it is very stable. I am planning to move my local maker community to it. I agree with @luke if you find issues then make sure to file a bug. Just saying that it was too buggy is very vague and not very useful.

    One thing I really like about NodeBB is that even though it is in active development, they are very open and accepting to community suggestion. The fact that project is active, does not mean it is unstable. You just have to run stable snapshots of it on your production site.

  • Hmm sorry, but nodebb is buggy not in the sense that it is coded badly but in the acp there is a list of plugins majority of which crashes the instance. When the selection of plugins are this much problematic it is hard to depend on it. Personally Nodebb crashed 5 times on my digital ocean server during installation of plugins and all and for some reason the reset plugins command was also not working.
    It would be really good if you can filter out the buggy plugins, or else publish a list of plugins officially compatible with the latest version of nodebb

  • @Rahul-Ramesh said:

    Hmm sorry, but nodebb is buggy not in the sense that it is coded badly but in the acp there is a list of plugins majority of which crashes the instance.

    Isn't this the case for every software package available that supports plugins, Wordpress, Magento, Ghost, vBulletin, SMF, I could go on. That's not a bug. It's incompatability. You can't run a wordpress plugin coded for an older version on the latest version of Wordpress and not expect issues, it's exactly the same here. The only difference is that Wordpress has the system in place that allows people to confirm what version it works with, and whether it's tested on latest version.

    The devs are working on something similar to allow plugin authors to specify exactly what version their plugin is built for.

  • Yup, but till the developers finish that system, don't u think its better not to display all the plugins in the back end? U can show just the essentials like SSO and all. That should be the way to do it. No, when wordpress started many years back they also did the same. They never showed in the back end all the plugins available. Out of 5 plugins one is broken, that's the status of nodebb plugins, so its better to deactivate it for time being, from the admin panel.

  • When it comes to community software, stability is most important thing, not the number of plugins and themes. Because usually people stick with the same community software till the expiry of their forum, if any. So first aim should be give that comfortable feeling if stability to the users. Am talking about non power users.

  • @Rahul-Ramesh currently as soon as a plugin is published to npm, it's a live plugin and would appear on the admin ACP (not an exact process), it wasn't possible to hide specific plugins. Because the plugin didn't have the information of what versions it should be hidden in. Therefore it would be hidden on all versions. This is being added in due course, new software requires these tweaks all the time. It's nothing new.

    If you spot a plugin that's broken, file an issue on github, if it hasn't been updated for months and months, assume that that developer no longer wants to maintain that plugin and move on. Currently, nodebb can't do anything about plugins that people don't want to maintain.

  • Once the outdated incompatible plugins are filtered out, it should mean less people running into problems. I'm not familiar with npm but would think there is a version compatibility so any plugin set to lower than say 0.5.2 does not get installed?

  • @peter Pretty much, a plugin developer would do something along the lines of "compatibility": "~0.5.2" or a range between the two versions, but then it's down to the developer to make sure they update the plugin.json file with the latest version number, otherwise you'd end up with running for example 0.6.0, then doing the Wordpress approach of "this plugin hasn't been tested with this version". So it goes down to the admin to decide if they want to either disable it, or test it. Unless there's a strict breaking change (these will happen less and less often) plugins should continue to work just fine through version updates.

  • Actually my suggestion was that nodebb does not have to depend on other plugins, its pretty much standalone as of now, it has all features right from start, except SSO, but that's official plugins. So they don't have to link to npm database. That us the easiest solution, they can just focus on core development that way and do not have to worry about plugins.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Extensibility is at the core of NodeBB, and it allows us to stay lean and focus on keeping the core as minimal as possible. Install third-party plugins so you can build the forum you want.

    If we decided to build everything into NodeBB from the start, it would be a 20 GB download, and you wouldn't use 90% of the features!

    Plugin incompatibility is an ongoing concern, and something we are looking to combat this month/next

  • This is a really cool project BUT...

    It should just install itself and set up my server for me and think of a neat forum idea and implement it for me and go out and get users for me and rub me down with hot oils every night before bed...but it doesn't so keep it up fellas and let me know when it does...

    Oh and it has to stay FREE, but generate about $10k/month in google ad revenue for me...I might even be willing to settle for $9k/month, but it would have to provide the hot oil rubs for both morning and night in that instance and be lavender scented...

  • -_- how about it makes bed coffee for you as well.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    I'd settle for it doing the dishes 😄

  • Swedes

    I need to migrate alot of information from my other forums running phpbb 3.1.x

  • So, 5 months later... after reading these comments, NodeBB has come a long way in such a short period of time. I would definitely reconsider and recommend using NodeBB as the number one forum platform for your community.

  • Swedes

    Yeah, It looks promising but i have a lot to figure out. Maybe i test it on my next new project 😄

    I love this new theme, clean and fresh as it should be 😉

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