Which is better NodeBB or Discourse?

  • This is definitley better 😛 I kinda like NodeBB extremley 😛

  • Admin

    Alright, feedback received 😄

  • GNU/Linux

    You know i really like to try nodebb unfortunately it doesn't have installation based on docker for easy upgrades.

    Since i failed at installing nodebb via digitalocean and successfully installing discourse following the beginner docker guide -> +1 discourse

    Any up-to-date tutorial for newbie non developer hobbyist to install nodebb on digitalocean?

  • @Nur https://docs.nodebb.org/en/latest/installing/cloud.html

    The site that holds the digitalocean step by step tutorial seems to be down, but may be temporarily since is owned by @psychobunny . I think theres docker support too for nodeb now.

    Edit: https://docs.nodebb.org/en/latest/installing/docker.html?highlight=docker

  • GNU/Linux

    Weird upvote button should be at the bottom and bigger.. what if it is a long post.

    Also will be cool when i'm composing a reply,i can view the thread as well - discourse style 😅

  • Admin

    @Nur On desktops, you can view the thread 😄 Just click the taskbar button to minimise the composer.

  • here's some small addition to what I want to see for nodebb that I liked from discourse.

    • keyboard shortcut for the text editor (its faster to use keybord shortcuts)
    • link clikcs number showing (this is somehow very important to if people do really show interest on my post and it also adds attraction to the post and curiousity)
    • highlight quote (discourse does have this hopng to see it also here or in a plugin)
    • search realtime results when typing
    • image does not show in a lightbox

    although I am not sure if this has already been implemnted here on nodebb via plugin or core features

    so far those are the things I think missing as far as I used the discourse for a couple of months and now migrating to nodebb 👍

  • GNU/Linux

    I spent more time messing with Discourse, this is my impression of the two so far:

    What I liked most in NodeBB so far:

    • less memory usage
    • faster and lighter
    • downvotes
    • option sort replies by most voted

    What I like in Discourse and didn't find in NodeBB:

    • wiki posts
    • reply by e-mail
    • got better results in search with Discourse (used mongodb dbsearch in nodebb)
    • poll plugin
    • the message in the end of the topic asking users to register seems to be working
    • I managed to have topic thumbnails using the first image from the topic body

  • For what it's worth, I ended up going with NodeBB.

    Node + MongoDB (or Redis) just makes life so much easier than Rails. The plugin system here is great. I have no regrets I think what this team has done is awesome!

    So for me it's solved. NodeBB is better. 😉

  • Admin

    @djensen47 Thanks for the kind words, always love hearing about converts from all sorts of forum software 🙂

  • I hope I don't get accused of super bumping multiple threads tonight (really not so old threads or well not so old last post!)

    On first impression, nodeBB was the ticket - without any of the technicals. It's all that matters.

    It truly is all that matters. Since the majority of fourm users are not going to be technical and forum have there work cut out to drag people away from the twitters and face books of the world.

    A forum can be deployed to any user base so it's application and audience is potentially as wide as you like and varied as you like, that you have to think about simple but not dumb Ui/UX and rely on the beauty of tradition, i.e. established and solid universal conventions that are universal but not afraid to push the envelope to enhance convention to the point it's at least feels innovate if not actually is.


    It's silky response. The fade out fade in transition was a genius choice, let me type that again GENIUS!

    The Composer.

    • It looks and is weighed better i.e. it's styled better, simple.
    • It's not perfect, but it's one of the best out there.

    The composer is the window to all content creation, the crucible of an entire forums everyday lifeforce. It's got to be good, it's got to always be trying to be better, by trying to be great. This is the interface that makes or breaks the user experience and thus a forum.

    My UI/UX 2c:

    Please consider making the composers upper top line a drag focus draggable area so it is not restricted to the black circle aligned to the left, that should really be centered (it took me too long to figure out) - it breaks a basic UI/UX expectation burned into our retinas at this point!

  • Admin

    Thanks for the kind words, we strive to keep NodeBB minimal and fast, and I feel we're keeping up with trends. Of course, what's in style always seems to pass too quickly 😉

    With regards to the composer resize, there's no particular reason it has to be limited to the resizer button, I'll look into it 👍

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