Can't connect to MongoDB

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  • ubuntu installed MongoDB error

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    @phenomlab I reinstalled and deleted it. I think it installed successfully this time.

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    I'm looking to use Azure CosmosDB mongoDB API with more than 10GB, so I need a shard key to get unlimited storage. Is there anything I have to do with NodeBB for the shard key?

    Also, I couldn't find this anywhere and have no forum experience, but excluding media, how much storage does a moderate forum take up?

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    I want to browse two tags topics in one page, which url should i put ?
    For example tags are

    anatomy surgery
    Now we know we can separately browse two with following urs /tags/anatomy
    and /tags/surgery
    But i want to filter the topics with both tags
    i tried something like /tags/anatomy+surgery
    but none of them work.
    is there anyway i can filter topics with two or more tags ?
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    I was just going to let you take most of the credit. It's still your plugin, and you helped me make the modifications. I'm working on a new modification now, though. I'm trying to get the presentations to embed into an area of the user's profile.

    Right now, I'm testing it with the Fullname field on the profile, by entering the URL of the presentations (instead of a human name) and seeing if it parses into an embedded slide show.

    Would this be easy to accomplish? If not, are there any hints you could give me @a_5mith ?

    So far, I've edited the library.js file and replaced and with data.fullname and data.fullname.content. I've also tried changing the hook in plugin.js from:

    { "hook": "", "method": "parse", "callbacked": true } ]


    { "hook": "action:user.set", "method": "parse", "callbacked": true } ]

    I feel like I'm missing something, though. If you're up to it, I'd like to collaborate with you further.

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    That, I haven't seen a plugin for, but I don't see why somebody couldn't make that a plugin...