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    I made it!

    Upgraded from nodebb v1.17 on Ubuntu 18.04 with mongodb 4.0 to nodebb v3.2.1 on Ubuntu 20.04 with mongodb 5.0. Used node v18 to update nodebb.

    Had a few minor issues (getting rid of an expired mongodb 4.0 key), thinking of using npm install --global npm@6 to avoid any issue with plugins updates (emoiji, markdown).

    And voilà!

    Thanks for all the work, the new admin dashboard is sexy as hell.
    Keep up the good work and enjoy your summer!

    Happy GIF

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    Well i found a solution with the users query :

    const axiosInstanceForNativeAPI = axios.create({ baseURL: ENDPOINT_URL, headers: { Authorization: ADMIN_TOKEN_FOR_NATIVE_API }, }); export const getUserByEmail = email => axiosInstanceForNativeAPI.get(`/users?searchBy=email&query=${email}`); export const getUserByUsername = username => axiosInstanceForNativeAPI.get(`/users?searchBy=username&query=${username}`);
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    I want to browse two tags topics in one page, which url should i put ?
    For example tags are

    anatomy surgery
    Now we know we can separately browse two with following urs /tags/anatomy
    and /tags/surgery
    But i want to filter the topics with both tags
    i tried something like /tags/anatomy+surgery
    but none of them work.
    is there anyway i can filter topics with two or more tags ?
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    @PitaJ Worked, thanks 🙂 For some reason I had the idea cd wouldn't work there

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    Well, the sorting is handled via date or vote count, although the date is updated whenever a new post is made.

    @baris perhaps we can add in logic to sort by original post date too?