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    @Scoobydoo what's the output of commands such as

    locate nodebb (you might need to install mlocate to use this).

    Seems it's in cd /app/code from the below

    NodeBB - Cloudron Docs

    Cloudron is a platform to host apps on your server and keep them up-to-date and secure.



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    @eveh NodeBB provides the bare minimum to allow browsers to expose the "Install as App" button (instead of "Add to Home Screen"). You'll have to inspect the menu options in your mobile browser.

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    @julian said in Google Recaptcha v3 not working:

    As far as I know ReCAPTCHA v3 should be working, I'll let @bentael know if there's been a change.

    Fine, thanks.

    @oplik0 said in Google Recaptcha v3 not working:

    v3 is not just "a better reCAPTCHA" and it is not replacing v2.

    v3 only offers "invisible" reCAPTCHA, but even if Spam Be Gone supported that (it doesn't yet) it still wouldn't work because it passes different data.
    reCAPTCHA v2 is binary - either user is a robot or not.
    v3 doesn't just pass "true||false" but instead passes a score from 0.0 to 1.0 and it's up to the application to determine what score is a success. It also never shows user a challenge as it's not supposed to interrupt the user in any way.

    So to sum it up: for Spam Be Gone to support v3 would mean changing the way it handles reCAPTCHA and I'm not even sure if it's a good idea. v3 is supposed to continuously chceck if user is a bot without interruptions, so it's best used for frequent user actions like posting or login, not for things like registration that happen once per user and it's not a big deal if it interrupts user with a challenge. So I'd say it'd be better for Spam Be Gone to extend its functionally to use v3 on login and posting, and leave v2 on the registration page.

    That convinced me 🙂 Thanks a lot.
    Unfortunately I'm not a developer and do not know how to develop a plugin, but I'll highly appreciate if it's developed by anyone (NodeBB team or another mate).

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    @yariplus said in After changed ip get badway 502 error and nodebb does not start:

    Your forum may work, but has no security, anyone can login and delete/steal the database. You need to setup your redis so that it has a password, and that it restricts access to localhost.

    @yariplus thank you so much.

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    I'm quite sure I did, but juste in case I will check again.