Anyone else notice this?

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    @lenovouser I've seen that. And immediately got scared off by the fact that it's no ddos protection. CloudFlare might have its problems like no WebSocket support on lower plans. But comparing these 2 then Cloudflare is easly the industry standard. And for good reason.

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    @julian I am not running any other active forums or DO droplets to move the demo site to. I have a DO account just for the demo site. I will delete the droplet once I install it for free some where else.

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    I haven't been around for a while. Life has been busy. I moved and got a new job. Then I saw my favorite Linux Distro (Antergos) changed their forum over to NodeBB. So I had to come check it out. Things are really starting to look solid around here!

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    part of the answer you can find here:

    changing e-mail notification content

    Just as an information for someone in the future who will have the same issue. You have have to edit the config.json so that instead of http://localhost:4567...


    NodeBB Community (

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    Not relevant to this topic, only to the ^ reply above.

    hey @psychobunny, would you consider, in the WP-NBB-PLUGIN a way to "Augment" the NodeBB.Search result page, (probably below the NodeBB Results), so it can use the same "query" to search WP's database and display the result on the same page?

    This way one would use a single search form to search both, NodeBB forum and WP site.

    I guess it's not too hard to do as a nodebb-plugin if the NodeBB's search.tpl can guarantee to the existence of either a parent element to appendTo or an element to overwrite, along with a locked "selector" to get the "query value".

    I guess the point of my reply if you consider having your WP-NBB-Plugin to have that option, "merge" search or not, and it should be able to override or augment WP-Search form.

    I'd be interested to take a look at it even if in development mode unless it's confidential.