Which icons from https://fontawesome.com can use NodeBB?

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    1st of all i'm new to Nginx, and this is the 1st time i'm really setting up NodeBB. So pls forgive me when i'm asking basic dummy questions.

    Basically followed this
    using Ubunt 20. So far so good with the installation.

    The folder structure looks like this in the server:

    /home/user/abcde/index.html /root/nodebb (This might be a mistake but ...)

    Eventually index.html will have a hyperlink which links to the NodeBB forum.

    Right now the /etc/nginx/nginx.conf has a block like this, and index.html does load fine in browser

    server { server_name mysite.com; location / { root /home/user/abcde; } }

    My question is: how to modify nginx.conf so it can load the NodeBB as well ?
    Again the final goal is ppl can access NodeBB from its link from index.html.

    Thanks very much for your help !

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    @retipster awesome, looking forward to your email 👍

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    All you should really need to do is change the url value in config.json and change the server name in your reverse proxy.

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    I love to know how to connect Nodebb with 123flashchat.
    So members who register on the forum, can connect to chat with the same ID.
    In the admin panel of 123flashchat, there is a URL AUTH identification system.
    Could you help me to do this please?
    Thank you very much.

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    @vatsal Yes I'm sure "folder-name" : "public/folder-name" means you can use /plugins/your-theme-name/folder-name/whatever
    The first parameter correspond to the name that will be used after theme-name/folder, while second parameter means this alias points to path.