Which icons from https://fontawesome.com can use NodeBB?

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  • Timeline for Nodebb?

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    I am planning to start a new forum but I don't like using its traditional layout that I want to use a layout like social networks out there (Facebook, Linkedin..) I found this forum https://smartphones.best/ matched my requirement to have a timeline on my forum homepage. I prefer its layout because comments can display below each topic.

    The problem is my friend recommended me to use nodebb but I searched and not found any addons to do that. Does anyone knows how to create timeline for a forum? Please suggest me!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thank you very much @PitaJ . now it is ok. but i remember that i had same problem two days ago after configure ngnix and config. site was good also i entered some categories and soon suddenly i got above errors. i hope it wont give error again.

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    As much as I'd like to say this was helpful, it wasn't. The most help I got was from the guy who told me how to open the folder.

    With that being said, I am nowhere near. The main cause of this is probably me and I blame myself for that. I will be now hoping to get an Ubuntu Server from HostingItAll, and they will be helping me set up NodeBB!

    Thanks for all that you guys could do.


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    @Danny-McWilliams said:

    Give this post by ngsankar a try. It sets it up from scratch

    Installing nodebb on digital ocean 0.8v

    Create Droplet Give your preferred Droplet name “Test” (please given the name u want, I will use “Test” for this example. Select Droplet Size as required ($5...


    NodeBB Community (community.nodebb.org)

    Thank you for the help. Those instructions didn't work for me, But I was able to figure it all out, FINALLY. NGINX and reverse proxy was a headache. kept wanting to go to mydomain.com:4567. Figured out that on OC under proxypass you have to put mydomain.com:4567 instead of Then restart nginx via service nginx restart. Did everything as root. no need to create a new user with sudo privileges..

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    @chrismccoy said:

    lavender im pretty sure