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  • Migration Guide for v3

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    @julian Thanks for the heads up.

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    What is this?

    Version 2 of NodeBB using the Persona theme (and many child themes based off of Persona) used Bootstrap 3 as its front-end CSS framework.

    As part of the upgrade to version 3, we are upgrading to Bootstrap 5, whose migration comes with a number of updates and changes, many of which are incompatible with previous versions of Bootstrap. […]

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    All my theme with persona is just CSS.
    if I update to V3, I recreate all my themes but it's a lot of work 😉

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    pls upgrade your npm if others are okey

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    @pramariena What would you like to know? What they've shared is what's in the blog post, but I am happy to answer questions.

    @omega I missed your questions, but it's a quick one. The whole moz project took only a couple months, and most of that was building out their custom theme and some custom functionality. Getting their forum imported into NodeBB was straightforward when using nodebb-plugin-import. We worked with @bentael for that one.

    One tricky bit was getting their URL redirections working. Their topic slugs were not easy to parse since they were at the root level (e.g. /community/q/this-is-the-topic-slug). This meant we had to create a redirect map for every one of their existing topics, and ensure they correctly routed to the new topic ID.