How to Speed Up My Site On NodeBB?

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    If you are going to store a lot of stuff I would use ./src/cacheCreate to create my own, ./src/cache is for a few stuff that never changes like the list of categories etc. If you put a lot of your own stuff in there like urls for link-previews it will negatively effect the performance. For stuff like that just create your own lru cache.

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    I don't know if you need to get rid of the domain folder, but you do need to set up the reverse proxy.

  • NodeBB won't restart

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    I've got the same problem a while ago. Deactivating the broken plug-ins isn't enough: you have to uninstall (npm un <package-name>) the right one from your installation.

    They usually show up in the logs from template building (node nodebb build) as errors or warns and in the dev console (node nodebb dev) as errors.

    Good luck!

  • Reset cache

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    @baris refactored the post tools and topic tools to load on demand for perf reasons, so I think the plugin needs to be updated for this change

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    Okay, I found the solution:

    removed line - npm i nodebb-theme-vanilla nodebb-theme-lavender nodebb-widget-essentials
    Now the templates are not updated. (I have changed theme and it would be cancel changes.)

    I perform the command ./nodebb upgrade

    I perform the command ./nodebb restart

    Now all the people will be taken new changes.