Is there any way to prevent login till email verify??

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    @leviathan1205 yeah I'm not sure why it has a different label there, but that's correct.

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    @PitaJ said in email notifications for post queue:

    Just so everyone knows, there's a search bar in the ACP, that searches the ACP. If you're looking for a setting that may be a good place to start.

    Oh, I've never seen that. It's in all that "Dead space" way up top that I scroll past before it even loads because there is so much wasted space. Good to know that that is there.

    Would be nice to see that area compressed a bit, so much empty space up there.

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    Ah, yes, that is potentially a stumbling block... port property is optional, if not specified, NodeBB will listen on port 4567. However the url property is the one that is referenced by NodeBB, and is used as the canonical reference to itself... so when somebody asks your forum what it is to be called, NodeBB will respond back with the value in url, so the port is required if you are accessing your forum with port number in url.

  • Alternate Login options

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    How to provide alternative login options to users..?

    I have the regular Login. I have the sso-fb plugin. I can use the fb plugin.

    But I cannot work out how to provide an either/or option on the homepage..?

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    If you removed node_modules then you need to reinstall it using npm i nodebb-plugin-emailer-mandrill.

    The reason it doesn't show up in acp plugin list is because of the latest changes to nbbpm. See here for details.