[nodebb-plugin-emoji] Emojis are not working

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  • Hello, we have a forum with nodebb-plugin-emoji installed but currently it's not working. We have this error on the console

    Uncaught Error: Mismatched anonymous define() module: function(){return u}
        F require.js:7
        v require.js:14
        c require.js:26
        requirejs require.js:32
        <anonymous> emoji-setup.js:157

    On emoji-setup.js there's the following code that fails

    require(['emoji'], function (emoji) {
      $(window).on('composer:autocomplete:init chat:autocomplete:init', function (e, data) {

    The require callback is not called. Any suggestions? I can give more information as requested. Also, is there a way to prevent minifying nodebb assets? This would make easier the debugging process. Thanks for any help 😊

  • @asdrubalivan ./nodebb build -d produces unminified js bundles.

    What version of NodeBB? What version of the emoji plugin? What version of nodejs?

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