Needing a NodeBB expert in KY/OH/TN area

  • We're needing a NodeBB expert in the KY/OH/TN area, please. We have an active forum & install... that we're trying to do a DB conversion on & a few other questions.

    Thanks in advance & willing to pay for some assistance... but want a proven NodeBB expert.

  • Just on case you haven't already

    [email protected]

  • Looking for someone in a specific area will just limit you to not looking for experts. Almost all experts will be in major cities, and experts on NodeBB are few and far between. There's no benefit to having someone be local or semi-local, but massive benefit to finding someone experiences and available.

    I would anticipate that there are only about four of us that do any amount of NodeBB consulting, globally. NodeBB themselves do some. And just a handful of us that have been using and consulting on it. Easily there isn't anyone that's more than a casual user in your region.

  • Hiring only local triggers what's known as the "church problem" in business. Hiring someone from your church statistically provides the worst work. Psychologists say that this is because of two reasons. The first is just math, you eliminate 99.9999% of the world and try to pull an expert from a tiny pool. The second is that you prioritize locality or membership in a small group over skill, reputation, or ability to do the work. That alone is bad enough, bit picking someone for that reason also tells them that their value to you is because of who they are, what they are a member of, or where they live - which is another way of telling them that doing a good job at a good price isn't important to do. When you make someone believe that their value is already provided simply because of who they are, there is literally no incentive to do a good job and, in fact, a pretty heavy suggestion that they can overcharge and under-deliver and it won't be a problem because they've provided their value already simply in being whoever they are.

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