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Unsolved Technical Support
  • @Varun-Ganesh-D Is it just topics that are showing this, or all pages? The latter suggests that the maintenance mode is indeed enabled. Try restarting NodeBB...

  • @julian All Pages Same Except Admin
    Again i need to Press Rebuild and Restart to Run Normally.
    Around 4-5 times happening now

  • @julian Is it because of Socket Option? There is something time and retry option.
    I didn't touched it. It remains as it is default
    Because When i click Some topic it shows blank screen with loading bar. And i get notification that connection lost.. then that maintenance screen appears

  • So it would seem that the maintenance mode is enabled despite being shown as disabled in ACP...
    Could you perhaps try enabling it and if that doesn't change anything disabling it again? Perhaps changing the setting will fix the issue.

  • Sounds like NodeBB is crashing. Are there any errors in the log on the server?

  • @PitaJ Let me check and Send Logs.
    I Downgraded NodeJs version because in latest Nodejs I can't able to upload Images.
    Is it making problem??

  • @baris yes
    So i Downgraded to previous lts version
    Btw im storing images remotely. Not on my own server. Is that also nor support in latest version nodejs?

  • So you're on Node 12?

    Can you try

    1. ./nodebb stop
    2. Delete node_modules
    3. npm install
    4. ./nodebb build
    5. ./nodebb start
  • @PitaJ let me try this
    Problem is im using Heroku.
    There not all features available like Terminal

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    Its's the Log from Heroku

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    Well I am embarrassed, I figured out the problem! There is no problem with custom javascript or the custom header information. It turns out the nodebb-plugin-ns-twitch-monitor was the problem! The plugin does not seem to work after a certain version of NodeBB and where I had it placed in my widgets must have been causing the custom header code to not load or run properly.

    I am still running v1.4.5 but am moving over to a new server, yes after all of these years. In doing so I have been incrementally stepping through upgrades, 1.4.5 -> 1.5.x -> 1.6.x -> 1.7.x... It was there at the 1.7.x that my custom Piwik (Matomo) code stopped working. I put NodeBB into "dev" mode and saw a number of errors related to the Twitch plugin. I removed the plugin and my analytics code now works fine.

    It is bittersweet as I really like the Twitch plugin on my forum but the plugin stopped working quite some time ago. Twitch changed how their API works and the plugin was never updated to keep up.

    Shouting out to a list of people for closure on this, in case you were all losing sleep on this since May of last year! @baris @julian @Nicolas

  • Extensive load warning

    Technical Support
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    I have the same issue, nothing relevant in the logs... I don't know what to do to fix it 😞 Any help? (I'm running on v1.9.0 but the problem existed before the upgrade)

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    @greenmoon yes you can. Select multiple topics and then use the "Delete Topic" under "Topic Tools"

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    @whitts no... the title doesn't get injected. the code just takes the value of the title attribute from the <img> tag and displays it as a tool tip. you need to add the title attribute to the <img> tag with a value.

    like this line

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    @psychobunny no, I have not, but I suspect it may be plugin related or something screwy about this thread in the database. I have been distracted by a million other things and one misbehaving thread wasn't my priority, but I will look and see if I can figure something else out.