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    @Vishal-Grover if you're just using EC2, you can use the Ubuntu guide as it's the same. I'd recommend you don't use the AWS Linux build though - use the Ubuntu one.

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    Hi everyone !!

    I am trying to install NodeBB in my local environment to test how everything goes but I am unable to perform the installation.

    I manage to do

    docker run nodebb/docker

    And it says that is live in 4567. However, when I launch localhost:4567 its stuck in a loading white screen.

    I also tried this installation with docker guide, but I am not able to install Redis, and it is the first step:

    When I try any of these commands:

    docker run --name my-forum-redis -d -p 6379:6379 nodebb/docker:centos-redis docker run --name my-forum-redis -d -p 6379:6379 nodebb/docker:ubuntu-redis

    It returns: Error response from daemon: manifest for nodebb/docker:centos-redis not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

    Does anybody know how to perform the installation with Docker?
    Thanks in advance.

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    @PitaJ thanks! That was the issue

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    It looks like rhc app create nodebb nodejs-0.10 command did not create nodebb directory.

    Please make sure, that you're running commands on your own computer, not through ssh on OpenShift side.

    Try to remove nodebb from your OpenShift account and start from scratch.

    Calling git init may seemed like it helped, but it created local only repository, which was not connected with any of the others (OpenShift, NodeBB and openshift-nodebb). That is why git push origin master did not work - origin remote was not configured.