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  • Sometimes I distribute certain topic to my media users. In the past, it increased the page views of this topic in a minute, lets say it increased from 0 to 3000 views in a minute. Today I distribute some thread, but the page views of this topic does not increase. However, in the ACP, it increased. I think the page views of topic is not counted corrected in v1.13.2.

    This problem does not exist in previous version.

  • You can reproduce this problem by opening this thread by two or more phones (connecting by WIFI or any other VPN), the page views' number does not change.

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    IIRC guests are not counted for topic views.

  • @PitaJ said in Page views not counted corrected:

    IIRC guests are not counted for topic views.

    Is it a new feature? Before I upgraded to some version, page views increase indeed. Usually I distribute some thread to users (like digest) per week.

  • I agree that at current version, guest views are not counted. It decreases seriously the page views number. Sometimes I distribute my link to some chatting group, all the viewers are guests and they access my website by phone (without logging), the page views should increase suddenly. But now, it does not increase at all.

    For example, last year, every time I distributed my link to somewhere, page views increased from 0 to 1000-2000, and most of them are contributed by guests (phone), but now it increased from 0 to 20 or 30 something....

    I think page views should be counted by another way.

  • Or, we can add a Switch, to display page views counted by guests or registered users. What do you think? I prefer the first one. It is also the default setting for previous nodebb version. The latter one is the default setting for the latest nodebb.

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    @PitaJ said in Page views not counted corrected:

    IIRC guests are not counted for topic views.

    Seems like they should be, that means that the topic views are inaccurate by any measure. I understand wanting lean view numbers that don't include things like page refreshes.

    But let's say you have a million users, constant traffic, but all of your readers are anonymous. Shows zero views is wrong in every way. Zero Registered User Views is a wholly different metric.

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    Especially as many communities rely on these metrics for advertisers, partners, or just understanding their own traffic. Having completely different metrics than what the name says creates some real issues potentially. If nothing else, it can make successful sites feel like they are failing.

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