• A very strange thing I have, when I try to add a new user through the 'NEW USER' button in /admin/manage/users the popup window opens and closes immediately and I don't have a chance to input any info.
    I am running the latest NodeBB V 1.13.1
    In the Log I don't see anything related (The truth is I am not really a pro in understanding the log file, so I might miss it).
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  • so updating
    git fetch
    git reset --hard origin/v1.13.x
    ./nodebb upgrade
    should fix the issue?

  • Plugin & Theme Dev Community Rep

    Nope, you will also have to switch to master branch from 1.13.x - at least until 1.13.2 or whatever the next version will be is released.

  • I tried:
    sudo git reset --hard origin/master
    sudo git merge origin/master
    sudo ./nodebb upgrade

    the ACP user bug is the same .

    what I miss?

  • Global Moderator

    First of all, you shouldn't be running nodebb or any of those other commands as root.

    What is the output of git status? Do you get any errors when running ./nodebb build?

  • I try install nodebb at new ubuntu18.04:

    git clone -b master https://github.com/NodeBB/NodeBB.git nodebb


    line:289 has be change

                    function handleUserCreate() {
                            $('#createUser').on('click', function () {
                                    Benchpress.parse('admin/partials/create_user_modal', {}, function (html) {
                                                    message: html,
                                                    title: '[[admin/manage/users:alerts.create]]',
                                                    onEscape: true,
                                                    buttons: {
                                                            cancel: {
                                                                    label: '[[admin/manage/users:alerts.button-cancel]]',
                                                                    className: 'btn-link',
                                                            create: {
                                                                    label: '[[admin/manage/users:alerts.button-create]]',
                                                                    className: 'btn-primary',
                                                                    callback: function () {
                                                                            return false;
                                    return false;

    the bug is the same .


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