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    I tried to upgrade nodebb executing ./nodebb upgrade after installing a plugin.
    The installation was stucked at this point:

    2019-06-10T14:07:30.151Z [/home/forum-y/webapps/nodebb.sock/13652] - info: [build] plugin static dirs build completed in 0.013sec

    well after that i tried ./nodebb build and many other fixes on the internet, nothing works of course. Now when i try an installion or whatever it just keep saying Killed after a certain time

    [email protected]:~/nodebb# ./nodebb reset --plugin 2019-06-12T00:45:53.640Z [4567/110206] - info: [reset] All Plugins De-activated 2019-06-12T00:45:53.643Z [4567/110206] - info: [reset] Reset complete started 2019-06-12T00:45:53.712Z [4567/110206] - info: [build] Building in parallel mode 2019-06-12T00:45:53.713Z [4567/110206] - info: [build] plugin static dirs bui ld started 2019-06-12T00:45:53.716Z [4567/110206] - info: [build] requirejs modules bui ld started 2019-06-12T00:45:53.720Z [4567/110206] - info: [build] client js bundle bui ld started 2019-06-12T00:45:53.729Z [4567/110206] - info: [build] admin js bundle bui ld started 2019-06-12T00:45:53.729Z [4567/110206] - info: [build] client side styles bui ld started 2019-06-12T00:45:53.730Z [4567/110206] - info: [build] admin control panel styles bui ld started 2019-06-12T00:45:53.730Z [4567/110206] - info: [build] templates bui ld started 2019-06-12T00:45:53.730Z [4567/110206] - info: [build] languages bui ld started 2019-06-12T00:45:53.731Z [4567/110206] - info: [build] sounds bui ld started Killed
    Like this.

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    Make sure you have enough ram on your server. Creating some swap might help as well.

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    @baris But i can't do nothing, when i try to install , reset , update something it just keep stucking and stucking on Rebuilding assets

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    @baris Internal Server Error.
    Also this happened after installing the iframely plugin.

    [email protected]:~/nodebb# ./nodebb reset --plugin 2019-06-12T01:18:57.550Z [4567/110905] - info: [reset] All Plugins De-activated 2019-06-12T01:18:57.553Z [4567/110905] - info: [reset] Reset complete started 2019-06-12T01:18:57.628Z [4567/110905] - info: [build] Building in parallel mode 2019-06-12T01:18:57.628Z [4567/110905] - info: [build] plugin static dirs build started 2019-06-12T01:18:57.631Z [4567/110905] - info: [build] requirejs modules build started 2019-06-12T01:18:57.632Z [4567/110905] - info: [build] client js bundle build started 2019-06-12T01:18:57.636Z [4567/110905] - info: [build] admin js bundle build started 2019-06-12T01:18:57.637Z [4567/110905] - info: [build] client side styles build started 2019-06-12T01:18:57.637Z [4567/110905] - info: [build] admin control panel styles build started 2019-06-12T01:18:57.637Z [4567/110905] - info: [build] templates build started 2019-06-12T01:18:57.637Z [4567/110905] - info: [build] languages build started 2019-06-12T01:18:57.638Z [4567/110905] - info: [build] sounds build started

    This is where it keeps stucking

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    @Dan-Reyes I am not expert in Nodebb but getting stuck means number of things to me. I usually take some basic steps to get passed build/upgrade issues. You said you reset the plugin already. I would also clean the existing assets in \build\public and rebuild again. (Make sure back up your existing folder before experimenting)

    Do you have any custom plugins? If you do, you may have an error that cases uglifier to silently crash. Temporarily modify uglify-es in node-module and change the following in parse.js and run to see if you get any parsing error:

    function JS_Parse_Error(message, filename, line, col, pos) {
        this.message = message;
        this.filename = filename;
        this.line = line;
        this.col = col;
        this.pos = pos;
       // add following if not there
        console.log('*** Error: File:%s, Line:%d, Col:%d, Pos:%d, message:%s', filename, line, col, pos, message)
    If you do have error clear it up and try again. Next, you may want to try the upgrade with different options to get to the bottom of this:
    nodebb upgrade --help
    Some tools like Atom have odd behavior and I recommend to quit them when upgrading. 
    If nothing works, then you may want to install a fresh copy somewhere else and copy the content and overwrite your working instance. Again make sure to backup your data and custom work whatever you do.
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    You probably don't have enough memory on your system. Try setting up swap space and/or adding "series": true to config.json

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    Hi, i fixed the problem by reinstalling nodebb. also cleaning all plugins and stuff, and no. I dont have nay custom plugin the only plugin i downloaded before this error was iframely recommended by the admins of this forum.

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