Block gif's from 3rd party sites?

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  • I've stuck with the defaults for image upload formats but am seeing animated gif's being sucked in from third party sites. Any knobs to block these that I am missing?

    tia-- o/

  • Can you give an example?

  • Sure:

    ![Silly Example Animated Gif](

    Silly Example Animated Gif

    Not sure about the rights to that, feel free to delete if problem.

    Settings are at default to allow jpg, png, and bmp.


  • Loathe to necro bump this but... was curious if this might be a bug that needed reporting? Or one of those pebkac deals?

    P.S.; Is that image upload icon in the composer toolbar new? Kind of resembles a cloud or hamburger on my version.

  • Not really... There's nothing stopping a user from linking out to an image since it's part of the Markdown spec. If you're looking to restrict images to only those uploaded to your domain, you'd need to change the way the Markdown plugin handles images (or perhaps there's some CSP header you can add to restrict images from outside the current domain).

  • @julian

    Thanks. Figured some such, wh/is why I did not want to open bug report prior to checking in 😉

    P.S.; Prior to github and markdown becoming defacto I always preferred asciidoc for such duties. Still do. Much richer options for when you need/want them but still dead simple to use when you don't. Also, actually standardized, as contrasted w/the markdown flavor fest. But hey, github made markdown the golden boy for modern devs that never used else. Don't blame 'em cuz devs wanna code not invest time learning different markup 'time savers'. So whaddya gonna do, eh?

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