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    @crazycells Yes, that's the idea... although to ensure that existing mentions don't stop working, I will probably need to convert them all via upgrade script 😬 That's going to be a long-running one

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    @brazzerstop can you share link to your forum so I can get idea of format and number of posts?
    I think can write widget to read all posts, and re-order them.
    I did a small test of this, with the idea that just admin has access to view widget, with click to sort button.

    Technical thoughts:
    What is possible is to read all topicd or posts with write API, e.g.{pid}
    delete them, sort, then rewrite
    But its not best method because new post ids are made.
    I have been wondering whether a bubble sort routine working directly on the database post number field might work. Saves re-writing records, only swapping that field.
    Up till now Ive never managed to get direct Mongo API calls working.
    The NodeBB API however is quite easy to use

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    @phenomlab thanks for your input, i have done it with custom html, css and js

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    Yes I'm referring to the Dockerfile. I'm no expert with Docker either, but I must admit that it's extremely handy for creating forums on the fly with different versions at the same time, and saves a lot of time.

    If you're not focused on this tool I completely understand and appreciate you already providing up-to-date docker images, so I'll try to see what I can do myself and share it if it works well. This is possible by manually modifying the dockerfile but I think it's also possible in a more elegant way and easy to use, with env variables 😉

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    Some more docker / compose documentation would be nice. How to deploy und upgrade, persistent data and how to configure (ideally by environment)?