./nodebb upgrade not works

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    @julian perfect. Thanks 👍

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    @pitaj Yes, this is why I don't understand. And I only stop the nodebb container, not the db container.

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    @guts I meant no offense, I was just quickly providing a resource in the case that you hadn't looked at it before. Also, the docs that @yariplus linked are the outdated ones, whereas the ones I linked are more up-to-date.

    Hi, I use Litespeed actually for my other domains and they are on the same server so can I delete the config.json file in this case?

    I don't know anything about lightspeed, but I can tell you that config.json is completely separate from the reverse proxy you decide to use. config.json is generated by ./nodebb setup and is located in the nodebb directory.

    Do I have to use Ngynx in addition of Litespeed?

    Probably not, but you'll have to look up how to do the same things that nginx does when using our example config files and apply that to Lightspeed.

    I already have a database but where do I have to specify it during the setup?

    If you run ./nodebb setup after deleting config.json, it will ask you for settings for your database.

    How do I delete the config.json file?

    rm /path/to/nodebb/config.json

    My apologies but it becomes hard to follow... I followed a tuto on Youtube by entering some commands via SSH but this becomes hard to do so if someone can paste an exemple, it will be great and it will help.

    An example for what? Unfortunately it's difficult to reduce installation into quick examples.

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    @pitaj said in v1.6.0 permission problems after upgrade/update:

    I don't know. Make a backup and try whatever you want.

    Sounds good. Thanks for all of your help and pointing me in the right direction! I'll mess with it and see what I can figure out.

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