Replacing myBB with NodeBB

  • Hi guys,

    I am currently running some myBB board which is a bit old-fashioned and I'd like to replace it with nodeBB as it seems like nodeBB fits my needs a bit better than the old board;

    Is there some way to import the myBB data in some way?

    All I have found was some outdated importer that requires some version 1.0.3 of nodeBB which I couldn't get to work.


  • @ToeiRei did you try using nodeBB version 1.0.3 with the importer and only then you update nodebb to the latest version?

  • @Giggiux NodeBB 1.0.3 seems to need some older version of nodejs or some jazz being messed up as it denies login complaining about an invalid csrf token. Couldn't resolve that so far.

  • @toeirei Have you found anything to get it working? I have tried everything I could find regarding the csrf token with no luck on my nginx/ssl box or on a standard ubuntu desktop machine using localhost.

  • I'm a bit lost here as it looks like there is no sane way of migration possible.

  • Okay guys, I got a solution that works somehow: I managed to dig out an old docker image vpetersson/nodebb which actually is 1.0.3
    Using an external mongodb I could set up a running version compatible with the importer mentioned above and actually do the import. After having the import done, I could throw away the container and using a new/fresh install writing config.json by hand and running the updater (./nodebb upgrade)

    Sounds like some dirty work right? But it's the easiest/fastest way I found.

  • Swedes

    I was using phpBB before but I just started from scratch ;) Not the best solution but it did the trick :p

  • Admin

    @toeirei That could work, I don't see why not...

  • @julian it actually worked.

  • @jenkler said in Replacing myBB with NodeBB:

    I was using phpBB before but I just started from scratch ;) Not the best solution but it did the trick :p

    May I ask how large your site was back then? I am now thinking about doing the same. However, instead I would like to drop NodeBB in favor for a different forum software.

    While I really value NodeBB for being OS, regularly updated and quite simple to setup, I am also facing issues with theming, browser compatibility and other usually "common" features (e.g. forum app). Especially the missing ad support is one of the main reasons for me drifting away from NodeBB.

    As of now I am a bit afraid that this could result in a "user" loss. Did you "archived" your forum though?

  • Swedes

    Yeah, I have my old forum on disk somewhere but i guess it will never be used :) For me, NodeBB is the best thing out there and I believe in it. Today I have 5 small NodeBB forums and the platform is awesome.

    • Works great in mobile
    • Have the feat. I need
    • Works good in the browsers I use.

    You can have two forums online and slowly migrate the users ;)

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