Moving a NodeBB Install from one server to another.

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    Would somebody please be able to explain how difficult it is to move a NodeBB from one server to another. Perhaps there is some documentation on the subject, but I haven't found it, if anyone could point me there I would appreciate it.

    I'd like to be prepared in moving between Digital Ocean droplets as our forum grows.

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    Moving a entire forum is a bit tricky, but in my opinion doable. In a short version you need to install all the software on the new server, (Anything that you did by the old NodeBB installation) Copy the Redis/MongoDB database and import it. And for good measure use 'npm install' for anything missing.

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    I would say that moving NodeBB is quite simple. I have done this a couple times with no issues.

    First of all you will need to get your new server all set up correctly, SSH, Nginx or apacher, NodeJS, NPM, mongo or redis etc... all correctly installed.

    Backup your current Database and transfer it to your new server.

    Install a fresh install of NodeBB and during the setup it will ask you what database to use, choose your backup.

    Run NodeBB and everything should work.

    You will need to include DNS changes in this too.

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    Thanks, I've done a few trial runs. No problems so far 🙂

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    Well i am having issues with moving mine, and it seems Mongo is the issue, any help would be great

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