How to get custom badges assigned for people?

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  • Ive noticed that a few people here have custom badges such as "theme developer" / "plugin developer" - and I was wondering how to do some thing for my own forum?

    I tried to do so for my own forum - but when we create a new group with this new badge - it does not show up beside the user..... at all.

    We do have a the rewards plugin that assigns badges based on fulfilled conditions installed - which works for other badge titles that have conditions associated with them - but it does not work on a badge that has no condition associated with it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • @muonx badges are selected by the user. Under User -> Profile -> Edit -> Group Title

  • Yes old topic but why is it by design that by default badges are manually selected by user? In my view if you use it together with nodebb-rewards-essentials it's some kind of reward ("User with 100 posts" e.g.) so it should be auto selected after being assigned. If a user doesn't like it he can remove it manually.

  • @dave1904 we wanted to give the end user the option to select between multiple badges, or to show none if desired.

    The end result is a tad confusing, so we are hoping to update it at some point.

  • Thanks for the link @julian. I was asking myself why like 90% of forum users don't have the badge showing up. My first thought was that they didn't like it, but that all these users instantly changed their setting to show no group title seemed a bit unrealistic.

    Now I know that the answer is just that they edited their profile once (profile picture e.g.) without being assigned to a group at that time and now the "no group title" setting is saved forever. I really hope this can be updated because it makes the reward system some kind of pointless. Normal behaviour in my view should be that every new group assignment (User with 50 posts, with 100 posts, etc.) should be assigned automatically.

    I would even say that the "show no group title" should be an additional setting without being part of the group title listing. The users don't even know that they saved this setting when they edited their profile once.

  • @dave1904 have you looked at @nodebb/nodebb-plugin-user-level ? This does exactly what I think you're looking for.

  • @phenomlab thanks for the recommendation. I installed it but I cannot add any level items, nothing happens when I hit the button. Are you using it/is it working for you?

    Edit: my fault, i installed an older Version. Will try the plugin now 🙂

  • @phenomlab

    I had to edit topic.js to have the badges show up on user avatars in Slick theme but now I got it working. It seems to be based only on reputation but it does it's job. Thanks again.

  • @dave1904 great! Thanks for the update and glad to be of assistance.

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