How to get custom badges assigned for people?

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    Ive noticed that a few people here have custom badges such as "theme developer" / "plugin developer" - and I was wondering how to do some thing for my own forum?

    I tried to do so for my own forum - but when we create a new group with this new badge - it does not show up beside the user..... at all.

    We do have a the rewards plugin that assigns badges based on fulfilled conditions installed - which works for other badge titles that have conditions associated with them - but it does not work on a badge that has no condition associated with it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    @muonx badges are selected by the user. Under User -> Profile -> Edit -> Group Title

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    Yes old topic but why is it by design that by default badges are manually selected by user? In my view if you use it together with nodebb-rewards-essentials it's some kind of reward ("User with 100 posts" e.g.) so it should be auto selected after being assigned. If a user doesn't like it he can remove it manually.

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    @dave1904 we wanted to give the end user the option to select between multiple badges, or to show none if desired.

    The end result is a tad confusing, so we are hoping to update it at some point.

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