Automating NodeBB Updates

  • I maintain a git repo for our forum that contains our NodeBB install along with ops scripts, package.json with our required plugins, readme files, etc.

    The issue i have is when we go to upgrade its a very manual process of removing the old files, downloading the new files, only pasting over the ones we need and merging the package.json.

    I'm sure i'm not the only one doing this and am interested if anyone has come up with a decent solution? or script to automate it a bit more? that i could base my own off.

  • Anime Lovers

    ./nodebb upgrade?That could help.

  • Swedes

    @jiangcaiyang +1 on that :+1:

    Other system task may be fixed with simple bash scripts. The terminal is your friend :)

  • @jiangcaiyang ./nodebb upgrade updated the dependencies, but that is not my issue the issue is updating the core files and merging my package.json with nodebbs.

  • @Jenkler That's what I will probably end up doing I already have deployment scripts I was just hoping someone else had done it and could save me some work :)

  • Global Moderator

    @louisemcmahon something like this can work okay:

    Have two git remotes: origin and fork

    git remote rm origin
    git remote add origin
    git remote add fork

    Then you can used these named remotes for updating / pushing like so:

    # pull and merge latest changes from NodeBB
    git pull origin
    # push latest changes to your repo
    git push fork

    That will make updating things easier.

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